Our magazine takes its story from September 2015. In the eponymous social media group, the small team of enthusiasts was looking for and sharing some exclusive content about the technologies in clothing, its production, and related materials. The reason for this was a significant lack of information in social networks, where in addition to techwear-images there was no explanatory and detailed information about the clothes on photos.
The first issue was a 20-page lookbook with some photos, graphics experiments of our designer and several translated articles and designer's interviews. This issue was a test and it gave us an understanding of the audience's readiness for new information, and the feedback served as an incentive for our further work.
After the sale of a small print run, we started working on the second issue, which was 50% author's content in the form of our own articles and the first interview with the foreign brand ArkAir. The issue consisted of 84 pages, with an increased circulation and dedicated points of sale from our colleagues.
Having analyzed the interest of the audience and determined the plans, we started working on the third magazine issue, having great ambitions to further warm up the interest to our industry. The third issue consisted of 136 pages of 100% author's content and was sold in 4 retail spaces in Moscow and several points of sale in the regions, including St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don. We interviewed designers from NikeLab, Bagjack, AOKU, several graphic and street-art artists; wrote several research and review articles.
2017 was the time of the error analysis and determining our current project goals. By the end of the year, we launched the new website, gathered a team of authors-editors and began to prepare the ground for the launch of the 4th issue. After some fundamental changes in the structure and project concept, we announced the work at the 4th printed issue and now we are ready to present it not only on the Russian market but also on the global level.
"Our main function is to transfer high-quality information about modern clothing, its structure, production methods, technologies, as well as about the people behind its design. Our goal is raising the overall level of domestic production and readers' awareness of the nearest architectural human space – clothing. Our challenge is to reach such a large number of interested audience that would help us to achieve our goals.

We are an independent publication of the virtual and real space, so we reserve the right to choose the information that, in our opinion, deserves to be in the general assimilation flow. At the same time, we do not declare ourselves to be the only and true source of information, but we grant you the right to dispose it by yourself."

– TECHUNTER magazine team.

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