This year HAMCUS quite a disturbance at Paris Fashion Week by opening its first independent showroom and presenting the installation with a 3D hologram and the presentation of the new collection. And he continues to design new collections, each of which is something unique and inspires many other designers. But not everyone knows that each release is a new chapter in the huge history behind HAMCUS universe and every character in it plays a role, associated with others. We decided to shed some light and tell you why it's unique now and will be unique with each new release. We also did a shoot, trying to reveal the Children of ADAM, as if they were in a deserted, post-apocalyptic Moscow.
Evolution of a concept of seasonal drops, truly unique approach to creative process and absolute bonkers silhouettes – HAMCUS_PRMTVSM is an industrial futuristic branch line of HAMCUS.

Today many know HAMCUS. After appearing all over social media and fashion weeks, being worn by many well known people and making big moves, smashing its own way in the industry – it is hard to ignore amazing creatives and their vision. We decided, to secure this image by telling you and explaining, to us, one of the most fascinating parts about this new wrecking ball in the industry of functional clothing – its broader concept and creative direction through creation of their own fictional universe.
Taking its roots in sci-fi and dystopian genres, HAMCUS presents their collections through a fictional universe – PRIMUS. But lets start from the beginning. We will quote the brand itself, no one better to explain this idea than themselves:
«The Cosmos Character Style System is a distinctive concept proposed by the design team.
Its first spring summer collection was debuts in Paris in 2017.

Universe Concept & Structure:

_ PRMTVSM : dismantling from [ primitivism ], the letter "i" implies the infinity extension of an

individual, signify the symbolic primitive substance of self off-cocoon process, intent to liberate

itself from "civilize" and "modern" bound, each "i" stand for each stages of self-cognition.

/ Cosmos Character Style System /

At the very beginning that we constructed this concept branch of PRMTVSM, we thought that if it was just another clothing line limited to a certain style, it would surely lose its creativity because of the inherent rapid consumption and seasonal renewal patterns of commercial fashion, in order to pursue a meaningless rhythm which make a homogeneous cycle. Lacking freshness and slowly becomes tedious. As we liked challenges and renew ourselves constantly, since there's nothing more daunting than losing interest and pursuit in creativity. Jumping out of the physical concept of a clothing object, but instead, extends the inspiration we found into a broader cosmic axis.

Cosmos Character Style System, a distinctive concept proposed by Tuff Leung that the world had never seen before».

We dive deep in the lore of PRIMUS universe.

PRIMUS universe is inhabited by many groups and individuals, races and societies, that all have distinct appearance and corresponding dress patterns. Inspiration and influence for their appearance ranges from environment to specific background and developments of the broader world story.

At the core of PRIMUS universe is the S0CIETY, and most of the story revolves around complex social group. Inhabitants of the planet V-19 depleted planets resources and were hit by the unknown gene plague. V-19 collapsed and regressed, diving into post-apocalyptic order and chaos.
One of few, to keep order are the
PMU / Prime Military Units / PMU Org.

Introduced in 2018_AW, the PMU corps is the armament group that occupies the resources of the planet. Their "legionaries" are remnants of the primus enterprises, they absorb non regular army groups: alien species, bounty hunters, killers and so on.

The appearance of PMU corps tells about who they are - the regular army has a uniform system as all other armament groups, functional design, materials lean towards the adverse apocalyptic harsh environment – survival is key. Due to the Legion controlling most of the remaining resources, they ensure the superiority of the their military equipment.
2019_SS unveils the "cyber-organic exiled race" - A.D.A.M.

Spring summer introduces us to a group of forgotten exiles.
«He's the true light of the world, whoever follows will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life».
An ancient biochemical lives in the atmosphere of V-19. They call it P/0 ( PRIME 0MEGA ), It infects all living organisms. After infection it will make the host degrade and recombine with its DNA, eventually the host will partially or completely disintegrate.

To counter P/0, Primus enterprise attempted to re-create human DNA and make it adapt to the the influence of the planetary environment. However the process of experimentation produced countless "uncivilized adaptation products" that enterprise abandoned. They lived, assembling into another "arranged destiny" community of V-19. They call themselves Children of ADAM.
1902_AW - RVEN.

This time HAMCUS takes us to venture into the dark side of Primus oasis, following the path of ADAM, the one, who "seeks his final redemption".

Continuing the ADAM story line, the Children of Adam are being pursuit by the PMU crops. They are forced to venture into the dark areas of the planet - wastelands. They temporarily got rid of the Legion, but they had entered the "hunting game of the wilderness tribes" who live in the wastelands. "AKØ RA", a mysterious stranger, appeared on the brink of annihilation, aiding them in the escape, and with the help of (his/her) guidance, Children of Adam go deeper into the wasteland, finding sanctuary, hidden in the metropical-primadise.
What to take from all this exposition dump?

Well first is the fact, that we want a full blown series out of this. The material and just the pure creative drive behind this universe, its connection to presentation of clothing and ideas behind each new collections deserves at least your attention, and in our opinion - a real appreciation for the work of design team and everyone involved. In the age of copping new drops for the sake of staying trendy and stagnation of ideas and ideology behind brands, where companies just tell the consumer what to like and buy, HAMCUS brings something truly their own to the table, encompassing different fields of creative process and combining it in an amazing package. We strongly advise to keep an eye on HAMCUS, and we cant wait to see, what guys will come up with next.

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