Errolson Hugh [HYPE Radio interview]
HYPE Radio station from HYPEBEAST platform released a radio interview with Errolson Hugh, the founder of ACRNM. Dialogue with the interviewer Jeff Staple, founder of the Staple Design agency, which leads the column Business of HYPE, turned out to be very rich in facts, which we did not know. We share with you the key points of the conversation, many of which have never been announced.
  • Errolson shaves his head every third day by hand;
  • dressed in all black as a student under the influence of his father, even before the time of Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo takeoff;

  • first pair of sneakers: Nike Air Mowabb ACG;
  • nationality: Chinese [his parents are Jamaican in the third generation]
"If you don't like what yor're seeing - change the view point".
  • from childhood follows the rule of modern designers and architects "form follows function";
  • for the first time in Germany in some department store he saw a German brand called "Protective" with Kevlar inserts on the elbows, called them by phone and they took him to work. At first he did graphics, logos, tags. This was his first creative paid work, and there he learned the basics of creating outerwear, layering system. It was 1994, before the foundation of the ACRNM;
  • totally by the development of snowboarding apparel for Burton Snowboards and other brands, Hugh and Sachenbacher spent 13 years of working;
  • first acquaintance and work experience with Gore-Tex in 1995;
  • he worked with almost every company who offered him cooperation, even when not paid;
"Hate is not the opposite of love. It is a difference".
  • in 1991 he first visited Japan for a month and a half, then in 1995 he first met streetwear brand A Bathing Ape, the jacket of which he saw on a guy called Tull Price [future founder of Royal Elastics, FEIT];
  • later, together with Tull Price Errolson came up with the name and design for FEIT;

  • early in his career, he was inspired by the 80-s designs of Johji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo;
  • the first design thing he bought in 1995: Yohji Yamamoto trench coat;
"ACRNM – it's not everyday wear".
  • at the peak of their work, they [with Michaela] realized that producing 7 different snowboard collections for different brands in a season;
  • the first ACRNM jacket – "2371", which in the second iteration was called "J1A";
  • the first collection – "KIT-1" pack: a bag, a jacket, 2 manuals, 2 discs (with music and computer software). In two colors: white and black [Snow Ops, Night Ops]. Their first retailers who bought by wholesale: Recon [by artists Stash and Futura, New-York], Hectic [Tokyo], Hideout [London], Colette [Paris], SlamJam [Milan]. The wholesale price was of 1250 euros at the exchange rate at the time. 120 copies. Sold out. Development – 3 years since 1999.
  • ACRNM still don't have a sales manager;
  • on advice to all beginners who wants to create a brand like ACRNM today from Errolson: "Think about it very well. Are you sure?"[Laughts];
  • ACRNM sales through retailers and retail through their website today: 50/50; ACRNM's work as a brand and as a design agency today: 50/50;
  • after the launch of the own brand their design agency began to work only on a deep, long-term relationship. Work with Stone Island on the Shadow Project line [this year's 10th anniversary of the line] - 21 collection; NIKE – 5 years; and the main line of ACRNM – the major areas of work now. Also, now they have an ongoing dialogue with ROBORACE [technological robotic racing platform];
"I'm going to make what I've believe in. Knowing well that have might inspired of visceral love or hate. With little room for an difference".
  • the Western concept of Nike Air Moc Vapormax II company began with the fact that in his trip to Tokyo, Errolson did not want to go out on the street without a hat, and the only one in the apartment of his girlfriend was a cowboy hat. NIKE saw it and got caught on the idea. At the same time separately, John Mayer [American pop singer] reached out to work with NIKE. And then cards came together;

  • on the question about future plans of the agency, brand: "It is simple. Make the next season";
  • ACRNM has its own independent workshop / factory / production in Czech Republic;
  • on advice to young designers: "Find the thing what only you can do".
You can listen to the full version of the interview here.