Vexed Generation [The return]
Vexed Generation [The return]
We discovered this phenomenon of cultural, political and fashion industry a few years ago, after a sudden detection of the unusual jacket in collaboration with Puma at some social media marketplace. As real tech hunters, we rushed in search of information about this product, by the way, which was obviously closed or sunk into oblivion. All that we were able to learn, we set out in our 3-rd printed issue, which, unfortunately, is already sold out.

But recently there is new information, which we are obliged to share with you. DAZED interviewed Vexed Generation founders Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter, where they shared some previously unknown facts about the brand, talked about the merger of politics and fashion and announced the relaunch of the project.

[For those who missed the first coming of Vexed Generation, can you tell us a little bit about the brand?]

Joe Hunter: We took urban surveillance, civil liberty, air pollution and The Criminal Justice Bill, as it was at the time, as our brief. We wanted people to be able to have as much mobility as they could in a city, and we wanted to maintain anonymity if people required it, and we also wanted people to have elements of protection, so we chose our fabrics very carefully. We were using high-tenacity ballistics made by a mill up north who were producing specifically for the MOD. And we tried to create some utilitarian garments and accessories which did all of what I first described. But more than necessarily the protection element of it, it was designed to promote and provoke debate.

Vexed Generation, The Parka, 1994.
Read the full interview at the link and learn more about this really interesting phenomenon.

Source: DAZED.