One of the most famous developments for which ACRNM gained its fame is the system of the outerwear interaction with the line of accessories.

This line Errolson developed together with Peter Jack from BAGJACK – Berlin company of hand-made bags and accessories. The division was named Third Arm and the Interops patent was registered in 2003. The system is based on the integration of messenger bags into the upper garments by adding additional elements – zippers, slats, seams, etc. Main functions of the system are ease of transport, protection of the content from moisture through outerwear and quick access to the content. This release is a revised reissue of 4 main bag silhouettes of different designs and volumes, and one new. 3A-1 and 3A-3TS are the main A4 silhouettes, constantly reissued with minimal or no changes in various colors and materials.
In this release to their format added 3A-13TS, allowing to increase the volume of the bag to 13-inch laptop, due to special mounts. 3A-5TS and 3A-6TS are analogues of travel bags with a full range of functional line, reinforced elements and different volume for 15 and 17 inch laptops, respectively.

The entire collection is made of X-Pac material produced in USA in two colors: "black" and "olive". It is a composite material of several layers laminated into one sheet. On the outside, nylon, then polyester pattern "X-Ply", waterproof film and a light layer of taffeta [glossy dense fine fabric woven from tightly twisted threads of silk, cotton or synthetic organic polymers] with waterproof coating.
Models are available on the official website of the ACRONYM.

Source : ACRNM.