DOMINATE and ORBITGear are based in Indonesia, but have a different focus - DOMINATE produces casual clothing inspired by military gear, while ORBITGear focuses on high-tech accessories. These brands are united by the love of functional technological clothing and the concept of modularity in particular.

The collection includes 4 types of bags and 2 jackets made from water-repellent nylon developed by DOMINATE,
as well as 2 T-shirts with branded graphics.
V.01 Two Way Shell Jacket
Jacket with oblique zippers and a large chest pocket. The hood of the jackets is equipped with a tightening system, the cuffs are adjustable in width, and the slings are located inside the jacket.
V.01 Three Pocket Shell Jacket
Jacket with three chest pockets of olive color. On the back of the jacket can be placed bag Sacoche.
V.01 Backpack
Roomy rolltop backpack with a pocket for a laptop up to 15.6 "with the ability to quickly access due to the zipper in the side.
V.01 Medium Sling
As the name implies - a medium-sized bag over the shoulder with a sling on a belt. One large detachment and 2 patch pockets.
V.01 Sacoche
A small bag that can act as a standalone accessory, and as an additional pocket on the back of the jacket V.01 Three Pocket Shell Jacket.
V.01 Messenger
V.01 BORIS Tee & V.01 FUTURE Tee
Gray and black T-shirts made of cotton with a density of 220 grams per square centimeter with branded graphics on the chest and back.
All clothes of the joint collection are made by the DOMINATE brand, and ORBITGear are responsible for the bags. Part of the collection is still available on the official websites of brands.

Source: ORBITGear.