Elhaus [FW'18 Neo Indigo]
Elhaus [FW'18 Neo Indigo]
Indonesian brand Elhaus presented a new collection for the autumn-winter 2018 season - Neo Indigo. Neo Indigo is about experiments with fabrics aimed at creating functional and utilitarian clothes.

The materials used in the collection differ from each other in appearance, texture, and consequently in functionality.
Due to this, the collection turned out to be diverse, but at the same time sustained in a single style. It is worth highlighting the light but tight denim, decorated with
a sashiko line - the traditional white Japanese line on denim, and a specially designed indigo twill, used on almost all elements of the collection, such as a vest and cargo pants.The model for Lukbuk was made by Indonesian artist
Dwiky KA.

Source : Elhaus.