meanswhile [SS'19]
meanswhile [SS'19]
meanswhile from collection to collection produces its own corporate identity. The inspiration of working, military and alpine skiing clothing is clearly traced, but this cannot be called plagiarism. Each borrowed item is recycled and it always has its own purpose.

"Design is a means to an end, not the end itself." Indeed, the brand creates, in a sense, utilitarian things designed for everyday and intense wear, using functional elements, be it slings inside jackets, pockets, various utensils or belts.
The choice of materials also carries the goal to achieve the maximum level of comfort - technological fabrics for outerwear will protect you from the weather, and soft natural fabrics will create a feeling of warmth and coziness. As for the appearance - means while using both bright and calm pastel colors, as well as reflective elements. Free silhouettes not only allow you to achieve a moderately casual and, one may say, vintage look, but also do not hamper movements.
The calm look in the lookbook is complemented by the Mountain Light boot boots, created together with Danner.

Source : meanswhile.