Nike [Adapt BB]
Nike [Adapt BB]
After the first attempt by Nike to make Adapt technology more popular, almost 3 years have passed. All these 3 years, Nike improved it, so that on January 15, the world saw the first model for basketball with this kind of technology - Adapt BB. The new model is better than its predecessor in everything: they cost half as much (HyperAdapt retail in 2016 was $ 720), they are more functional and not so limited quantity will be released.
Now about the functional. Nike Adapt BB support FitAdapt technology - the system measures the pressure on the athlete's foot, due to which the shoe does not press on the foot, but it sits tightly on it, and the lacing tightening force is adjusted using a smartphone or buttons on the sole.In the first case, the density
of landing changes completely unnoticed by an outsider.
In addition, the system of tightening with long use remembers the parameters and settings set by the carrier, due to which adjustment can occur automatically depending on the situation. For example, when you take a break in training or play, sneakers can relax the reach, and when you return, on the contrary, it can drag on. In the sneakers built-in battery capacity of 505 mAh. According to Nike, this charge will last for 10-20 days of use. Sneakers can be recharged using the Qi standard wireless charging station - a full charge is achieved in 3 hours. Also in the sneakers there is an opportunity to customize the glow and create ready-made puff presets, so you do not have to waste time looking for the perfect fit.
Sneakers will go on sale in February, and the RRP will be $ 350.

Source : Nike.