Nike [Tech Pack SS'19]
Nike [Tech Pack SS'19]
Nike has been launching the Tech Pack line for the first season, which aims to introduce advanced brand developments in everyday life. For the new season, Nike has prepared racing silhouettes in bright, sometimes even acidic colors and, remarkably, both men's and women's rulers are present.
From the men's collection, in addition to the light and not constraining the movement of running gear, you can select a running Longsleep Therma Sphere.

The T-shirt itself is made of Nike Therma, which does not let in cold air and keeps warm air inside, and the T-shirt comes with a removable cape that repeats the design of Nike's classic Windrunner, which protects you from light rain or wind without taking up much space. The women's line also includes a lightweight weatherproof jacket, also replicating some of the design elements of the Nike Windrunner. On the back of the jacket is a zipper for additional ventilation.
The collection is now on sale on the official Nike website.

Source : Nike.