Nike Training x Matthew M Williams
Nike Training x Matthew M Williams
Someone says that this is another attempt to break into Nike's high fashion, someone calls the collection "fashionable sportswear" – you can take this collaboration as you like, but that's exactly what cannot be denied, the joint work of the growing popularity Alyx brand founder and sports giant Nike waited for many. The joint collection will consist of 12 items and will go on sale on July 12, 2018. It will include tech outerwear, leggings and a large number of different accessories, such as socks, masks, and towels.

The collection will include male and female items, and it will be released within the framework of the Nike Training line. Matthew M Williams was delighted when Nike offered him cooperation. Alyx has a very young fan base, and clothing combines streetwear aesthetics and functionality, so cooperation with Nike Training is great for the brand.

"What computational design and computer data can offer is really the future of design."
Matthew says that in his collection he wants to show how modern technologies and people should interact.

So far, it's hard to talk about the specific functions of clothing and accessories from the collection and technologies that are used in this collection. But definitely worth waiting for things endowed with functionality, not just form.

Source: Nike.