Stone Island [Shadow Project SS'19]
Stone Island [Shadow Project SS'19]
The Stone Island Shadow Project line is the result of collaboration between Stone Island and well-known Errolson Hugh. Despite the fact that last year's lineup turned 10 years old, each Shadow Project collection is something new, cutting-edge, what serves as a benchmark for high-tech clothing for many.
The key items in the Stone Island collection used SINGLE LAYER FABRIC fabrics, designed specifically for the Shadow Project: DPM CHINÉ - lightweight ripstop fabric, LENTICULAR JACQUARD - polyester jacquard, GARMENT DYED and GARMENT DYED: NASLAN LIGHT (and its WATRO modification) - nylon fabrics.
All of them are either covered with a water-repellent compound, or it is included in the dye mixture, so that the jackets turned out to be water-repellent and dirt-repellent. Jackets are painted in discreet soft colors, and some of them have a continuous unique pattern.
In addition to outerwear in the collection you can also find knitwear, shirts, t-shirts, polo, pants, bermudas and of course shoes.
The collection is already released on the website of the brand.

Source : Stone Island.