TECHUNTER, as a project, was born at the end of 2015, its purpose is to convey high-quality information about gaining momentum in those days "techwear"-culture and tech clothing. The project started as a small startup with no experience in journalism and content creation, having come a long way from the launch of the first printed issue in 2015 to its first foreign exhibition in 2019. Now the project has the status of an independent media publication and agency.

Our main task is to explore and to tell about modern clothing: its design, technology, style and culture around it. Our attention is drawn to unique companies, brands and designers whose product or vision is the author's, carries a certain message and is made with full dedication and understanding of quality.

Since its inception, the project has promoted "techwear" – the community and art background of this culture. Now the art component is an integral part of our presentation and inspiration to our readers and followers : from cyberpunk / sci-Fi / post-apocalyptic aesthetics, to modern avant-garde / minimalism / high-tech, and the archive of our information about functional and technological clothing has grown beyond the "techwear".
As a media publication, we work in several areas of author content creation:
Text content
Our authors and researchers write analytical articles, peer reviews, broadcast news from the industry, take interviews and lead author columns in our social media.
Photo content
Our content creators make conceptual lookbooks, photos for reviews, photo reports from events.
Video content
Our content creators make conceptual videos, promotional materials, video interviews and lifestyle vlogs from trips.
Audio content
We work with audio artists to create musical accompaniment for events / videos and host author's music podcast.
Graphic content
Our team of graphic designers is engaged in the creation and processing of any type of content, from the author's graphics and animation to 3D modeling from scratch.
Our promo-video to the new ACRNM x NIKE collaboration which released in fall 2018.
Our teaser to the article about new NIKE model which combines the 2 most important developments in the field of soles – AIR MAX and REACT.
First series of our experimental lifestyle-vlog videos about our tour to Munich at THE BORDERLANDS exhibition by VANISH and ISPO.
Video interview with THRUDARK founder from our interview-series at THE BORDERLANDS by VANISH and ISPO.
As a media agency for the promotion and organization of events, our work is best illustrated by this case: THE BORDERLANDS exhibition in Munich by VANISH and ISPO at summer 2019, where we were media partners and co-organizers with our showcase. Our tasks included: organization of our stand, work on pre-production, installation of the exhibition itself, tours of the stand, promotion of brands/artists participating in our showcase, media production (editorials, interviews, reviews), post-production and brand promotion. A unique experience that ended only with positive feedback from exhibitors, visitors and organizers.
Our main platform to connect all network content is the site . The site was launched exactly a year ago and below you can see the statistics for this period. The important thing is that we follow only the organic growth of our audience and the flow of readers. Thus, the concentration of people interested in our materials is maximum. We follow the same approaches of the brands we write about and cooperate with. This means that we also care about the quality of our audience, as well as the companies about their product.
We are proud of our Instagram account, because for the whole 2018 year we have scored from 1,5 thousand to + 12 thousand people by organic approach through publications alone, without any commercial promotion. This means only one thing : our audience is lively, high-quality and passionate about the information we share. And this is the main incentive of our work.
Besides our Instagram account, we have a large Russian-speaking community in VKontakte, and gaining momentum community in Facebook. Streaming services as YouTube and SoundCloud have just started their work, and we will pay special attention to their development and promotion. The actual number of subscribers in each of the social media you can see by clicking on the desired community button below.
CEO, Chief Editor
Creative Director, Photographer
Content-maker, Cameraman
Graphic Designer
One of our new areas of media production is organised tours to offices/production brands to film their work, meet people and promote brand. In one organized press tour, the client receives a large number of unique author content on all our content lines, which can be used through their channels and which will be used on our platforms for the presentation and promotion of the company.

At the link below you can download our rider and conditions of work.
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