Monolisten — independent underground eclectic Russian community. The name was coined when the founder had a dream in which Mono Lisa from a picture erased the face and asked to share music with people, combining esthetics of the unknown with art of pop culture.

TECHUNTER magazine was formed in 2015 with the aim of studying modern high-tech clothing and the mission we declared was the awareness of readers about a new and unique phenomenon — the "techwear subculture". Since then, we released 4 printed issues formed an online/offline media, covering technology, design, style and background of the industry.

We create a special music playlist for our friends from Monolisten. Our playlist will suit to all fans who dream about the future and imagine themselves in the neon city of the "cyberpunk era" or post-apocalyptic Los Angeles of 2049.

This playlist consists of 3 parts and conveys the general character and atmosphere of our subculture.

The 1st part consists of 3 tracks: the first, recorded by our subscriber, an electro-rock musician from Los Angeles specifically for our magazine; the second is the OST to the trailer for the recently released cult game Cyberpunk 2077; and the third is also the OST to the film Blade Runner 2049, which is an inspiration for aesthetics for many fans and followers of culture.

The 2nd part is a compilation of 7 songs selected by each member of our team on the theme of seeing their own TECHUNTER character in a musical environment.

The 3rd part is a general background music accompanying our theme : from the quieter experimental tracks to the pioneers in the experimental electronics of the future and modern futuristic tracks familiar to everyone who watched video lookbooks from ACRNM.