PATRONACE [Interview]
PATRONACE [Interview]
When we saw this brand for the first time at the Outdoor by ISPO this summer, we were glad to find out a new concept in our industry. PATRONACE is a new brand from Munich founded in 2018 by Bastian Müller. The company makes clothing for everyday use in conditions of constant movement, whether it is a city or its surroundings. In addition to clear functional characteristics such as breathability and water repellence, the brand is notable for its GRDXKN® technology. It is based on 2D screen printing, inserts of which form a protective layer in case of falling.
PATRONACE has already been awarded by EUROBIKE 2018 finalist as a Startup Of The Year, as well as the ISPO Brandnew 2019 finalist in the «apparel» category. We contacted the founder of the company to learn more about this new phenomenon.

Interview : Ignatius Chan.
Answers : Bastian Müller.
Photo: Philip Kottlorz, Bastian Müller, Natalie Weinmann.
[Please introduce PATRONACE. What's the main idea / philosophy of the brand?]

PATRONACE is a new brand with a strong and peerless concept.

The brand is showing fashion for your accelerated life. The clothes are made for everyday urban mobility. No matter if you ride a skateboard, scooter or e-bike.

The unique look derives from it's functional layers: the membrane textile shell is breathable, moisture controlling and water repellent. The printed combs form a protective layer in case of fall.
[Nowadays the concept «less weight-more impact» goes worldwide. What's PATRONACE point of view on it?]

Technologically wise this concept is right. We are able to combine lightweight high-tech material on a high performance level.

This topic is also important for PATRONACE. That's the reason why we use the GRDXKN® technology. Comparing to the performance, we integrate a relatively lightweight and durable foam layer into the clothes. This second skin protecting layer creates the unique look on the outside of the textile. There is a benefit of the slight increase weight to give a sense of security. We designed a comfortable jacket which gives you protective feeling and the characteristic of a superman suit.
[The way PATRONACE came to screen printing technology?]

The technology and the development was also a part of my work. I am the founder of GRDXKN® and PATRONACE as well. As an industrial designer I started a few years before with this idea to create stiff and durable segments into textiles. The result was GRDXKN®.

PATRONACE was started as a PR concept brand of GRDXKN® to show the potential and analyses the market. The brand is an ambassador for the innovative manufacturing technology.
[What's the main thing of production with GRDXKN® technology?]

The technology is used by some different partners. It is an «ingredient brand» needs companies for collaboration.

The material and the knowledge can be transferred to different suppliers. At the moment we have two licensed German partner companies to produce GRDXKN® upgraded products.
[How does the fabric with GRDXKN® performs? The pros and cons of these ones?]

We have so many positive effects if we use GRDXKN® for the right products.

Of course, it's not comparable with a super lightweight outdoor jacket. But if you need, for example, an aerodynamic surface plus protective layer, GRDXKN® is an innovative solution. We combine the performance, the relatively low weight, a washable product, the sustainability (because of 100% water based components) and you will get an outstanding surface and product aesthetic on top.
[Well, it seems that tangible structures bring in some functionality (as, for ex., Gore-Tex Stretch fabrics elements). How do you work with such a «zonal» parts?]

The visible structure is connected to the function. The structured zonal parts are placed in areas endangered by injury. We placed the GRDXKN® structure print just at arms, elbows and shoulders. That's the strong DNA of the concept and the possibility of GRDXKN® structure print.
[What does the concept «revolution-evolution» mean in your personal opinion?]

The combination of soft protecting technology, function and this unique look is a kind of revolution for the market and an evolution of an ordinary jacket. We see it as a necessary evolution step for our urban clothes because of the change of human mobility.
[Thus, the brand literally stands for a «flight of a fancy»: high-tech apparel, both suitable for city (or fashion) and outdoor. Which one is closer to the «PATRONACE» definition?]

I guess we should not separate anymore. Patronace is an answer how could we combine the requirements. Fashion gets one more functional property.
[You've mentioned some partners; what is it like to face the 3D-fabrics market with such a product like GRDXKN®? Your evaluation of the 3D-printing fabrics market nowadays.]

I see the 3D or – like GRDXKN® – a 4D material as a new and right way to develop intelligent designed products. Our requirements are going to be more complex, and our products (clothes, for example) have to follow our life and needs. Sometimes the technology and their solutions are forcing us to think about better products. Let's call it evolution.
[In terms of time, what's the PATRONACE prospect stands for?]

With the clothes of PATRONACE we create a new typology of soft protective wear. Combined with GRDXKN® we open up a new way to think, design and produce textile clothes or products.