Nike [React Element 87]
Nike [React Element 87]
For the first time, the general public saw this model at the Undercover show during the Paris Fashion Week in March. Then on the legs of the models it was possible to notice the joint model of NikeLab and Undercover.
The model will be available for purchase on July 13 in North America and July 26 in the rest of the world in 4 colors, and its recommended retail price will be $ 160.
In the sole of React Element 87, as the name implies, the new React technology from Nike is applied. The essence of it is to absorb the force of the impact of the feet on the ground during the run.

Nike compare this with a pillow:
"You do not need your head to bounce off the pillow when you go to bed." "On the contrary, you need a pillow that will absorb all the force with which your head descends on it." That's what we mean when we talk about softening the blow. "
At the same time, the running shoes are made of harder and wear-resistant materials to return you some of the energy. It would seem difficult to achieve the necessary balance, but, according to Nike, the technology React gives exactly this effect.
For the first time, the React technology was used in basketball models in the summer of 2017. And it is in this sport that it has perfectly shown that the indicators of softness and stability are perfectly balanced. Futuristic design of shoes created by the team NikeLab under the leadership of senior designer Nate Jobe.
Source : Nike