7L [ABRASION system]
The concept of modularity and multilayeredness is not new in clothes, but so far there are not so many brands that produce this type of clothing in whole collections. The brand name 7L means 7 layers for 7 continents – modular clothing for all type of conditions. Today we will talk about the ABRASION system from 7L.
Layer №1: ABRASION system: Base Layer Top and Shorts
The base layer is designed to remove excess heat and sweat from the body. The fabric from the Swiss company Eschler is used as a material in the base layer.

Layer №2: ABRASION system: Mid Layer Sweatshirt and Pants
The second layer is the first insulation layer. Made of fleece with ceramic coating in places that wear out most quickly.

Layer №3: ABRASION system: Fleece Liner Gilet and shorts

The layer at number 3 is made of light, but very warm High-loft Polartec 300 fleece.

Layer №4: ABRASION system – Modular mesh field Jacket and Shorts
The fourth layer consists of a light jacket, reminiscent of M-65 jackets and shorts. They are made of quick-drying French fabric Sofileta quick-dry ripstop woven.

Layer №5: ABRASION system – Modular softshell Jacket
Like all soft shells, wind protection is made of Schoeller WB-400 ripstop soft shell fabric.
The fifth layer consists not only of a modular jacket – here also include trousers made of softshell fabric.

Layer №6: ABRASION system – Hard Shell Jacket
The sixth layer consists of a jacket and trousers made of Schoeller WB-Formula fabric with a C-Change membrane. As can be understood from the title, the No. 6 layer is designed to protect against rain.

Layer №7: ABRASION system: Modular Down Liner Jacket and Down Pants
It is intended, obviously, for warming and protection against cold. Made of Schoeller ripstop shell, which prevents knockdown from under the fabric, with French goose down, stuffed with a density of 750.

Source: 7Lsystem.