ACRONYM FW18-19 [Detail review]
ACRONYM FW18-19 [Detail review]
The new fall-winter 18-19' collection from ACRONYM was released in mid-October and consists of a full set of new models from the top layer to the bottom and accessories. New fabrics, colors and designs. Read more in our detailed review of the collection.
The main element of the top layer of the collection, or the so-called "hardshell", is an updated version of the J47, modified by Tec-Sys platform on the waist of the jacket, open on the right, and hidden in a zipper pocket on the left. The Tec-Sys system is a classic "Lightweight, modular system for carrying equipment", and allows you to have several additional removable pockets to carry the necessary items. The jacket has two colors - black and white Gore-Tex Pro.
The latter has no complaints about the appearance, but there are questions about the practicality of this color for long-term wear. Another important detail is the addition of an internal zipper on the jacket collar [AuxZip], and on other models of the new collection, which allows you to combine individual elements into one, and is analogous to wearing a jacket in the manner of messenger [JacketSling]. The equipment of the model also includes patented systems and modifications of ACRONYM, described in our previous collections reviews.
Most models of this release are presented in the category Middle Layer / Softshell / Insulator.
J63A-FO & J46-FO
These models are made of one material, with a small distinctive feature between them. The material is a new Gore-Tex brand called INFINIUM. This new laminate breaks down the entire performance of the previous Gore-Tex line, focusing on comfort for the wearer. No more hard facial tissue, and the internal feeling of metal on the skin when the skin comes into contact with the membrane. New fabric has the ability to purchase your structure of wear along with the wearing experience of the user, but is quite demanding to care for themselves. Read more about the new material in our article, and care recommendations are available in the product card on the ACRNM website.
The J63A-FO is a classic hoodie silhouette, with a front zipper at the edge of the jacket hood and up to the hem, as well as cuffs with finger slits. Equipped with three cargo pockets in front, aside from their standard locations, collar zipper AuxZip and transfer belt JacketSling.

A distinctive feature of the new J46-FO coat, is the layout of the new Gore-Tex material INFINIUM with CLIMASHIELD insulation, which means a full-fledged winter model with all the necessary elements: JacketSling transfer tape, high collar with a hidden hood inside, a powerful front zipper, pockets and magnets for headphones on Velcro tape.
The new J74 model is a specific layer-insulation, but can be used as well as a self-contained element. The jacket is made of Nylon Polartec Alpha material, originally used in the U.S. special forces. The fabric is a new technology of active insulation that regulates body temperature both in static and in dynamics. Recent developments in fabric breathability eliminate the need for adding layers during movement, or vice versa, removal.
Very compact and can easily adapt to other layers. Fabric construction prevents movement of the fibers around the silhouette even after excessive wear, or several washings. The outer part is resistant to water. The jacket is equipped with AuxZip zipper, JacketSling transfer tape, as well as modified front pockets that provide universal input depending on the quality of wearing: as the middle or outer layer – the inputs are located on the top and side of the pockets. The model is presented in white and black colors.
J65-AK/KM, J72-AK
The next element of the middle layer is a bit unusual for the ACRNM line of models, both in materials and silhouette, which confirms their focus towards experiments, innovation and constant development. The new J65 model is the middle element between the jacket and vest, and is made in two variations of materials: boiled Cashllama (Bolivian Llama wool) and Merino wool, in black and white, respectively.

Both models have an AuxZip zipper on the collar to connect with other elements of the collection, and the model of Merino wool is equipped with a JacketSling transfer tape.

Also, this Llama wool material is in new J72-AK model, which has a classic "kimono" silhouette with a front zipper, AuxZip and JacketSling tape.
The same kimono silhouette is presented in a classic white color made of high-density Jersey, but is already a Next-to-Skin model, meaning the possibility of wearing with direct skin contact, that is, in the variation of the base layer. Also, those modifications of AuxZip and ShirtSling transfer belt.
In this release, among the pants was a P23 model – wide silhouette, with a shortened length of the leg and cuffs at the bottom, as well as updated front cargo pockets. Pants are made of high-density gabardine military purpose, made in Switzerland. Colors – black and olive.
NG4/8/9-PS, SM1-AK
The range of accessories includes 4 variations of insulated buffs. NG4, NG8, NG9 made of POLARTEC POWER STRETCH and have some modifications such as front zippers and AuxZip collar modularity zippers. The SM1-AK is a compact Llama wool Arafat and has a packable pocket for folding and comfortable wearing.
In total, can be concluded in full compliance with the collection for the autumn-winter season: the total modularity of the models and the possibility of linkage among themselves, including through the AuxZip; the ability to adapt to change the environment internally (weather conditions) and necessary ("street-space" location changes) at the expense of individual elements (the JacketSling transfer belt), as well as by advanced materials. Experiments in fabrics, fearlessness in innovation and serious work on combining the functionality and appearance of clothing still keeps ACRONYM in the top of its industry, and not only. However, many models are still available on the official website of the brand. Is it positive or negative? You decide.

Article : Alexander Zabelin.
Source : ACRONYM.