Going to sleep at about 2 a.m., I came up with the idea to visit on the subject of new stuff, and oddly enough,
at this point before the official announcement in the social media there was already the first part of the spring/summer 2019 collection. In this review, I will talk about the first drop of the season and touch on one of the most discussed issues today, with regards to pricing and production of ACRNM.
Article : Alexander Zabelin.
Layout : Tatiana Vasilenko.
Among the updated models there are the J36-S and J41-GTV jackets.

J36-S is a reissue of the original version and made of high-density gabardine of military specification [made in Switzerland]. To the main functional characteristics, as a chest pocket with magnetic Fidlock closure, stand-up collar, integration with 3A-1 bags system [patented], magnetic headphone holders [patented], a "gravity" pocket on the wrist and transfer sling, was added a folding hood made of a 2.5-layer ePTFE membrane with taped seams. Color variations : olive and black. The cost of jacket is 1,619.00 EUR.

J41-GTV is also a reissue made of the 2.5-layer Gore-Tex. Jacket is a hybrid between jacket / sweatshirt / and wetsuit. The inspiration from wetsuit was the back zipper from the shoulder to the edge of the jacket. Like surfing/swimming wetsuit with one hand movement [because of the lock EscapeZip] you can easily remove the jacket and wear it with like a bag. Bottom adjusters, holster pockets and front kangaroo pockets on the side create additional functional advantages. The jacket is available in black at a price of 1,350.00 EUR.
The new model of the collection is J76-GT. The jacket is made of the latest generation 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro. Equipped with all the main functional ACR developments, which we wrote earlier. The main distinguishing feature is the continuous zipper, starting from the front pocket, and going through the side seam, armpits and straight to the hand cuffs.
The zipper provides the access with 4 ipsilateral option pockets : front/side, holster-pockets, shoulder pockets in the area of the biceps, and the forearm GravityPockets. The jacket is made in white and black colorways. Price : 1,733.00 EUR.
The pants has the 3 models : P32-S / DS and P10A-E.

are the result of many years of diligent study of kinetic tricks that hide the functionality of the architectural clothing space. At the level of the hands there is a storage space consisting of 10 compartments hidden in cargo pockets, as well as 2 classic rear. Thus, the system of pockets is at the level of hand movement and allows you to have access to everything you need without changing the body position. Pants are made of high-density cotton gabardine military specification [made in Switzerland] in olive and black, as well as in a variation of black schoeller® 3XDRY® DRYSKIN™. For the first option the cost is 1,035.00 EUR, for the second 1,052.00 EUR.

The P10A-E is a modification of the original P10A, inspired by motocross pants, with a double zipper on the cargo pockets – with a vertical entrance from a sitting position, horizontal – from a standing one. The pants are made of encapsulated military specification nylon [made in the USA] and equipped with a carabiner. Price : 1,129.00 EUR.
The first part of the S/S 19 collection from ACRNM in fact does not make much noise, like the previous 2018, with a loud of experiments in the direction of colors using neon green [which this year is called the trend of the season, although ACR used it all 2018 from collaborations with NIKE, ending with the line of Stone Island Shadow Project], as well as raw purl seams and non-standard silhouettes of pants with a lowered inguinal seam. But does Errolson and his team need to constantly surprise their fans by moving away from their main concept? In our opinion, much more important is the issue of the brand's price policy, which with the previous collection caused a considerable stir among fans with their prices, which exceeded 2K euros for a jacket from Gore-Tex Pro.
In early March, Errolson posted at his Twitter, sparking a huge debate on the topic of clothing production in China. At the link you can read retweets and understand the essence of the issue.
People complaining about Chinese manufacture. Why? What do you have against Chinese people as a whole? Anyone who thinks EU manufacturing as a whole is better should take a look at the *Made in Italy* J5A copy by Gucci. LOLOL (Spoiler: It's terrible).
Thus, there is a possibility that ACRONYM will partially transfer its production [now it is Bolivia, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan] to China, which may give rise to a more loyal pricing policy [if it has not already done so]. Will the quality of the product decrease? Will see in practice, but based on the strict policy of the any company agreement with Gore-Tex, it is unlikely that they will allow a decrease in the quality of ACRONYM clothing. In addition, for such complex designs and capricious materials, which ACRONYM create, they need a special production. And Errolson has repeatedly said that they have constant difficulties with this. Also, this is one of the high cost criteria for techwear nowadays.
We looking forward to the next parts of the collection, as well as watching this issue discussion. If possible, we will make a detailed review of the new collection and talk about it on practical experience.

Stay tuned.