C.P. Company Urban Protection [Metropolis]
C.P. Company Urban Protection [Metropolis]
In 1998, the desire of C.P. Company in the person of Moreno Ferrari to develop innovative practical clothes for the urban resident led to the development of the cult jacket Metropolis, which became part of the line of Urban Protection.

The goal of Moreno was to create a whole line of clothing, items from which could give additional functionality or be transformed if protection is necessary.The mask is attached to the hood with special holes.
In addition to functional innovations, the material used in the jacket manufacture was innovative. He became nylon-based Dynalfil TS-70, which made the jacket very wear-resistant, water-resistant and even oil-proof.

The jacket is insulated with a double layer of fleece with high density.

The Metropolis jacket has become one of the most successful in the C.P. Company history and gave an excellent start to the Urban Protection line.
Source: C.P. Company.