C.P. Company Urban Protection
[R.E.M. & LIFE Jackets]

C.P. Company Urban Protection [R.E.M. & LIFE Jackets]
Continuing its development within the framework of the Urban Protection line Moreno Ferrari in the AW'99-00 collection created the LIFE Jacket design. On the front side of the park are 2 patch pockets on the chest and 2 large pockets in the abdomen. On the back of the park there is a large pocket-backpack.

The presence of noise-proof headphones is distinguishes this parka from others with, which can be attached to the hood inside or outside. Like the other jackets from the Urban Protection line, LIFE is made of Dynalfil TS-70 and insulated with fleece.
The REM unique park was supplied with the supplied IC recorder (positioned as a voice note-recorder) SONY ICD-30, which was released in a limited edition specifically for this jacket. On the left sleeve of the jacket is a special mesh pocket for the recorder. ICD-30 is able to record 16 minutes of audio, which was a good indicator for a portable device of that time.

On the front side of the parka there were 4 patch pockets, the lower section was a skirt that can can be folded.
LIFE and REM Jackets became the main garments in the collection AW'99 and C.P. Company actively promoted them during the advertising campaigns.
Source: C.P. Company.