Levi's x Philips [ICD+]
Levi's x Philips [ICD+]
In 2000, the legendary Massimo Osti, who at that time worked at Levi's together with Philips, developed a clothing line called ICD + – Industrial Clothing Design Plus. It included about 30 different items of clothing. Jacket ICD + Jacket was released in 1000 copies.
"This modern work clothes are designed for couriers, as well as professionals in the field of cinema and the Internet," Philips said. "We have studied their lifestyle and offer a product suitable for their environment."
Inside the jackets, an "infrastructure" was created to work comfortably with various gadgets built into it, such as the MP3 player Rush or the Philips mobile phone "Xenium GSM.
In the hood are headphones, and in the collar – a microphone, through which you could give voice commands to the player or talk to the phone. In the chest area there is a pocket in which there is a control panel of gadgets and a small display. In addition to the built-in electronics, the jacket had a large number of pockets located in places where they really needed, and it was made of waterproof material by DuPont.
Developments by Massimo Osti continue to inspire designers (Ma.Strum, Stone Island, Acronym), but at the time of creation, the ICD / ICD + line was not very popular among consumers in view of the high price (from $ 600 to $ 1000) and therefore was suddenly closed.
The jacket was accompanied by instructions in 14 pages, which is still available on the Philips website.

Source: Philips.