Mammut [Nordwand Advanced HS Reflective Gore-Tex Pro]
[Nordwand Advanced HS Reflective Gore-Tex Pro]
Mammut this year released a new model of the jacket – Nordwand Advanced HS, which is part of a new women's clothing line. It is made of a new reflective material Gore-Tex Pro, holders of an exclusive license for which are temporarily Mammut. The jacket weighs 390 grams. When light hits the material begins to reflect it back – brightly glowing, which makes the jacket ideal for cyclists or climbers.
And the pattern, slightly reminiscent of snake skin, makes the design of the jacket not so boring. In addition to the fact that the Nordwand Advanced HS reflects light, it has all the necessary jacket properties: waterproof, durable and retains heat, and if you get too hot, you can always unzip your armpits. The jacket is cut in such a way as not to hamper the movements for a wide variety of activities, be it cycling or climbing. Front pockets on jackets are located at such a height that you can hang a bag or attach a safety belt.
Nordwand Advanced HS in this version will hit the stores on March 1, 2019 at a price of $ 750 only in the female version.

Source: Outsideonline.