NemeN [FW'18]
NemeN [FW'18]
Italians from NemeN have released a new FW'18 collection. The collection implies modularity and a variety of wearing options.

A minimalistic jacket made of nylon with a water-repellent coating, on the inside, laminated with silver foil, which increases the protection of the carrier from the effects of fire, and also keeps the heat. The hood of the jacket is folded into the collar, and elastic bands are located on the hood, collar and cuffs. Released in five color solutions. Comes complete with a bandage on the arm of NMN®_ID ARMBAND, a small bag of Mylar on a cord.

Price: 920,00€

As it was possible to notice on one of the photos of the jacket, a waistcoat is put on top of it. NemeN means both separate wearing, and together with a jacket. Made of the same material as the jacket, and accordingly has the same properties.

Price: 570,00€

Light quilted jacket stuffed with polyester. Can serve as a layer of insulation or an independent jacket. Due to the fact that it is padded, the polyester will always be evenly distributed around the perimeter of the jacket.

Price: 510,00€

Earlier NemeN laid out a teaser of their collaboration with Master-piece. Within the framework of the autumn-winter collection, all accessories are produced in cooperation with them.
NMN_MSPC 01753
A small bag with dimensions of 29x22x3. As the material is used all the same nylon, laminated with silver foil. All zippers are waterproof, and inside the bag are 2 small pockets. The bag is made of nubuck. Available in three colors. Made in Japan.

Price: 395,00€
NMN_MSPC 01743

The next bag is slightly larger, also involves carrying over the shoulder. The strap and the back are made of non-slip nylon, which will not allow the bag to dangle.

Price: 595,00€

NMN_MSPC 01747
A sterling backpack, capacity in liters unfortunately is not indicated. 2 side pockets, 2 internal pockets and a laptop pocket inside.

Price: 985,00€

NMN_MSPC 01742
Messenger bag, but there are handles for carrying in hands. Made from the same material as the rest of the collection. A small pouch on the strap for a phone or small things.

Price: 990,00€

Source: NemeN.