Stone Island Prototype Research_Series 3 [Details]
Stone Island
Prototype Research_Series 3 [Details]

We already wrote about a series of experiments Stone Island in the field of materials and their processing. And so yesterday the brand published more detailed information and detailed photos about PROTOTYPE RESEARCH_SERIES 03. SERIES 03_EXTREME COMPACTING PROCESS ON NYLON BASE is a coverall of 4 types of fabrics (different density, composition and degree of shrinkage) based on polyamide.
The finished product undergoes a multi-stage high-temperature dyeing procedure that includes coloring, compression and compaction of materials from 0 to over 25% to improve their aesthetic characteristics due to the extensive modeling experience and the latest techniques of the Stone Island dyeing laboratory. Different fibers change their structure, tightly adjoin each other and absorb the paint well. A different reaction to the treatment determines the texture and appearance of the used tissues. Adding a special agent to the color mixture makes the product waterproof.
The overall consists of two separate elements of clothing – jackets and trousers, which are connected by a zipper around the belt. The overall is inspired by the design of the pilots uniform of the USSR. The overalls will be released on May 10, Thursday. You can buy it online only on the official website of Stone Island.
Source: Stone Island.