VOLLEBAK [Graphene Jacket]
VOLLEBAK [Graphene Jacket]
One of the most advanced and technological [according to TECHUNTER] companies of the modern clothing production VOLLEBAK presented its new creation – a jacket made of graphene.

Graphene is the first known true two-dimensional crystal. It can be represented as a single plane of graphite separated from the bulk crystal. It is estimated that graphene has a high mechanical stiffness and record high thermal conductivity. In 2010, Russian scientists A. K. Geim and K. S. Novoselov were awarded the Nobel prize in physics for "advanced experiments with the two-dimensional material – graphene". They are the first scientists who managed to get it in the laboratory way.

And here is what VOLLEBAK write about it :

"While it's completely invisible and only a single atom thick, graphene is the most incredible material on Earth. Just 10 layers stacked on top of each other are more bulletproof than steel. It's so strong and so stretchy that the fibres of a spider web coated in graphene could catch a falling plane. And it conducts heat and electricity better than any material known to man. Following in the Nobel Prize-winning footsteps of Geim and Novoselov who discovered graphene during their maverick and highly speculative Friday Night Experiments, we're releasing graphene-coated jackets into the world as experimental prototypes. What they called 'curiosity-driven research' led to the isolation of a super material with the same potential to change life on Earth as stone, bronze and iron once did. Our Graphene Jacket is led by curiosity-driven production. Part coat, part science experiment, to buy and wear a Graphene Jacket is to write yourself into the next stage of graphene's experimental history."
Now at the link is open the waiting list for the product release.

In turn, we want to draw attention to the fact that VOLLEBAK is the brand that can be called technological with all the courage. The company develops really functional jackets, with due attention to quality and on a total mission to certain conditions of use. And also constantly evolving, experimenting with really rare and revolutionary materials, thereby approaching the production of clothing from a scientific point of view and moving progress. This is the approach we value personally and support by the whole team of the magazine. Attitude to clothing, from a professional and scientific point of view.

We remind you that the main material in the new issue of TECHUNTER is an interview with the founder of VOLLEBAK Steve Tidball. The magazine will be released very soon, but for now, it is open the pre-order at a reduced price.

Source : VOLLEBAK.