adidas PT3 x ACMON x GORE-TEX [S/S 2019]
adidas PT3 x ACMON x GORE-TEX [S/S 2019]
The first successful experience of GORE-TEX KARKAJ cooperation last year, allowed today the brand GORE-TEX to present a new capsule adidas Originals collection called PT3 ACMON S/S 2019. It includes an innovative transformable waterproof Gore-TEX jacket and GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ pants with patented design technology, created by the pioneer in the field of functional clothing Conroy Nachtigal.

The new collection is released within the framework of the adidas Originals PT3 concept, which is based on three components: the declared mission of adidas Originals "the past expands the possibilities of the future", cooperation with Conroy Nachtigall, which opens up new prospects, and impeccable selection of Gore-TEX materials. Reliable protection in all weather conditions combined with the best original finishes and fabrics adidas.
The jacket is transformed into a vest, and is made of a classic Gore-Tex membrane, and the pants are made of GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ technology, and turn into shorts.

Designer Conroy Nachtigal began to create objects with the final stage of transformation, i.e. with a vest and shorts.

"In the process of working on this collection, the focus was both on keeping GORE-TEX completely waterproof and on creating something completely new. Each phase of transformation should be convenient and meaningful without any hierarchy: the final stage is as important as the initial one."

This was a new technique, and a successful result is proof of the correctness of this approach. Special attention was also paid to the fact that no removable part was lost.
GORE-TEX PT3 ACMON GTX jacket – 400€
Collection release: 01/03/2019.

Source: Gore-Tex.