C2H4 [FW'19]
C2H4 [FW'19]
C2H4 is a young brand from the United States that produces futuristic clothing. You can't confuse the C2H4 style with anything, thanks to which with each collection the brand becomes more recognizable and popular.
The new autumn-winter collection of the brand is made in shades of gray and pastel colors, but you can also find bright details.
Most of the elements originally designed to add functionality to clothes, such as utyazhki or pockets, are displayed here and can be called rather decorative, but they still perform their functions, which means C2H4 clothing can still be called functional.
At the show, it was also possible to notice a customized version of the classic Nike Air Force 1, and perhaps in the future we are waiting for a massive launch of a joint model, but so far this is only a guess.

Source : C2H4.