JULIUS_7 [F/W 2019]
JULIUS_7 [F/W 2019]
The new autumn / winter 2019 collection by the Japanese brand JULIUS_7 called [ DIVIDED;] was shown in a lookbook shot on the streets of Tokyo.

Designer Tatsuro Horikawa demonstrates his own vision of the modern avant-garde, partly moving away from the black color palette and experimenting more with color and shape.
"Sometimes the world of my imagination and vision becomes frayed and broken-down, chaotic and corrupt, the stillness sunk beneath loud vibrational noise, the purity and destruction contained within every Pilgrim. Its a sharp and metallic industrial mayhem."

The collection summarizes the history of noise music, including the contribution of industrial pioneer Maurizio Bianchi, and conveys it all through the prism of fashion design. The main parameters are asymmetrical cut, technical elements of clothing, inspired by military aesthetics and oversize silhouettes exploring freedom of form.

Source : Hypebeast.