VOLLEBAK [100 Year Hoodie & Pants]
[100 Year Hoodie & Pants]
VOLLEBAK in its 100 Year series create things that they say will outlive you. The first released item was a 100 Year Hoodie. When it is created, aramid fibers are used, of which, for example, bulletproof vests or suits are also made. But the tactile fabric feels no worse than a cotton sweater. Making such a hoodie in one of the most advanced factories in Portugal takes more than 28 weeks, but it will last you until the end of life.
Not so long ago on the Vollebak website there was an opportunity to joint waiting lost for 100 Year Pants. As with the hoodie, their key feature is wear resistance. The material from which they were created was originally developed in order to walk through the fire. At the same time, according to Vollebak, they will become one of the most comfortable and functional pants you have ever worn, thanks to its softness, elasticity, anatomical cut, moisture and wind protection. As in the case of a hoodie, Vollebak have built the pants you might just spend the rest of your life in.
Source :Vollebak.