This weekend we will give an hour-long lecture at the Sport-Marafon Festival 2020 in the Nikola-Lenivets art-park, on the topic of our upcoming TECHUNTER 06 ONLINE magazine. We will share the analytical work that we managed to collect on the topic of merging two of the strongest clothing industries, tell about the future of the trend after the pandemic through the opinions of big brands, and not only:

– retrospective of outdoor style;
– a new wave of inspiration and borrowing of outdoor designs/functionality in the modern fashion industry;
– the emergence of urban lines of outdoor brands;
– glamping and modern outdoor life&style;
– the impact of the pandemic and the future of the new environment.
Sport-Marafon Festival is one of the first and largest outdoor festivals in Russia, hosted by Sport-Marafon store. Besides 1-hour lecture, we will prepare a bunch of media-content from the event such as photo-report, video-reviews and more. We encourage everyone to have a cool time, so, if you will be around this weekend, we are waiting for all supporters and enthusiasts!

TECHUNTER lecture: "The fusion of fashion and outdoor industries".
Lecturer: Nikita Osaulenko [TECHUNTER author/reseracher].
August 9, 1:00 p.m., Nikola-Lenivets (Russia, Kaluga region), Sport-Marafon Fest.