Our project was founded on passion and desire to learn and understand, a need to share with others everything there was and is to uncover about the industry and its people. After 8 years of working with the best authors, contributors, partners and clients in the world, we want to open up our platform to you, hungry for knowledge, aspiring to pursue a career in media, marketing and communications, to share your passion with others.

You will get full support from our team, help with themes, structure and assets, to create, write and share. We will post your work on our platform, promote it and offer you applicable work opportunities. A full mentorship will be provided from our experienced writing staff and creative team. You will work directly with our Chief Editor and Creative Director, to get the most out of your time with us.

There will be a monthly pool of themes for you to study, dissect and write about. We are so excited for you to join us!

If you wish to create portfolio worthy articles, work on the newest and most exciting projects alongside our team, learn everything we know about the industry — tell us about yourself, your interests and themes you want to work via this application below:
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