ISPO Munich 2020 Innovations
by INTERN Techwear Corp.
ISPO Munich 2020 Innovations
by INTERN Techwear Corp.
After months of traveling and working with suppliers, manufacturers and attending trade shows, the INTERN team finally has boots back on the ground. Filled with newfound discoveries, INTERN will begin a 30-day long marathon in April of design, fabrication, and community engagement.
We will be creating new products, from concept to construction as a conduit to showcase the technologies and textiles that we are interested in. Through the 30-day challenge, we want to shatter perceptions and barriers of entry into this industry and to create an opportunity for a new level of engagement for consumers, designers and the industrial professionals in between.
During our travels, we went to ISPO to scout out new technologies, textiles, and commodities that could serve as inspiration for new designs, processes and ideas from which to build upon. These are some of the things that we thought were pushing the industry forward!
Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki was founded in 1962, developing the world's first fully automated glove knitting machine and continues to develop technologies utilized across the whole textile and apparel industry. Shima Seiki's coolest innovation to date has been their WHOLEGARMENT Technology which is able to automate seamless knitwear, outmoding grandmothers everywhere.
BenQ Xpore
BenQ is a veteran provider of consumer electronics, communications devices and components of every taxonomy. Needless to say, the idea of a company like BenQ stepping into the world of consumer textiles is quite exciting. Leveraging an R&D budget likely greater than Gore's revenue while utilizing the technology and experience from the mass production of electronics, they have come up with an ultra-thin membrane with 10 billion nanopores in every square inch, outperforming all other competitors on the market. Even your beloved Gore-tex Pro.
The future of ultralight insulation as we see it. No more are the days of baffled down garments that make you look like the "Michelin man". Thindown has provided an innovative solution that is able to provide the insulative properties of down feathers as a compressed sheet. Through biomimicry, Thindown has achieved the feat of creating an insulation with the best heat retention that we have seen to date. The potential to eliminate the incredibly difficult task of filling down baffles on the manufacturer level brings a high level of excitement for us.
Byborre everywhere. Our colleagues left their mark all over ISPO with their wild knit technology. Based in Amsterdam, this textile innovation studio works on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits. Taking apart machines and seeing what makes them tick, Borre and crew work in a mindset of meticulous innovation ushering a new era of 3D knit and seamless garments.
With a vision to combat the incoming dystopia of pollution and infection alike, Airinum came in as one of the top 50 newcomers of ISPO. By taking a technical approach to the problem of climate change as well as the desire for cooler looking products, Airinum has done a fantastic job at creating a facemask that protects in style, offering a five-layer filter to prevent particles down to 0.3μm from getting through. With collaborations with NEMEN and Allen Walker, these are go-to for the tech ninja and the introverted commuter alike.
Techwear's hardware hard-on. Fidlock is the biggest producer of magnetic hardware and probably the one we get asked about the most. Often with the coolest inventions, it was born out of necessity. Joachim Fiedler was touring around the globe as a professional musician with an impractical carry system for his cello. From that, he developed and patented the magnet fasteners we see everywhere today. Besides their ability to turn a 3$ piece of hardware into a 100$ belt (see Norse Projects, BBS11, Bagjack). Fidlock has made some amazing leaps this year in creating new hardware for apparel and footwear which we hope to showcase soon.
Going to trade shows like ISPO allow us to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the apparel industry. Such a massive gathering between brands, suppliers and manufacturers allow us to circumvent barriers to conversation. However it also puts into perspective the vastness of the industry. There is much to be improved, needs to be filled, and innovations to be discovered.
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