LTEKS 03 Edition
[Collection review]
LTEKS 03 Edition [Collection review]
The modern blending of fashion and functional clothing is at its all time high right now. The majority of brands rely and focus on the external image and details, while conceding in the quality of construction or the use of highly functional materials, while some stuff the product with all kinds of technologies, leaving the design and appearance in the gutters. Not many manage to maintain a balance in the adaptability of products to the environment, while creating a powerful and stylish image. Editions of the Korean brand LTEKS are just such examples of being able to achieve this goal.
It seems that the trend for "techwear" has already gone into oblivion, or has shelved itself somewhere on the forums and dedicated IG pages. With LTEKS, it is an example of how this concept can be reborn into something more serious, beautiful and new. In its first edition, the brand presented high-tech, multifunctional products that could be worn not only in the wild, but also in the city. The 2nd edition slightly changed the focus towards the urban and presented the C9 collection, implementing the GORE-TEX technology for all products. The third edition again focuses on the functionality applied to all products, but hides it from direct view, focusing on premium materials and images.
The campaign of this 3rd edition is called "INERTIA". Unlike the previous campaign "MONOLITH", in which the figures of people overcoming harsh environmental conditions were expressed in stunning energy and using elements of modern dance, "INERTIA" focuses on the movement of people, objects and the environment. 'INERTIA' transmits its paradoxical force in a stationary and stable state surrounded by a vortex of natural phenomena.
With this campaign, LTEKS wants to come into harmony with the elements of the city: buildings, roads and street lights - objects that modern people encounter on a daily basis. The 3rd edition is complemented by a modern interpretation of products with an emphasis on movement and geometric patterns, unique materials and hidden functions as design elements.
As the key materials and technologies used in the collection, the choice fell on: GORE-TEX Pro [3-layer membrane material with the highest rates of water-proofness and breathability], CLO VIVO PERFORATED insulation [perforated insulation material that allows excess moisture to escape, while preserving heat], Ventile [high-density cotton fabric with water-repellent finish; this collection uses 100% Egyptian premium long-fiber cotton], PERTEX Downproof [resistant to down loss, soft, quick-drying and lightweight lining], Loro Piana Rain System Cashmere [premium cashmere with water-repellent treatment], Fidlock Closure System [magnetic wear-resistant fittings].
In total, the collection includes up to 15 modern silhouettes, including jackets, coats, blazers, trousers, overshirt, hoodie, turtleneck, as well as skirt, tote bag, hats, and even dog harness, made primarily in black. Various functional elements, like magnets, pockets and waterproof YKK Aquaguard zippers combined with unique geometric and 3D patterns, "oversize" fit, and premium materials make this collection an ideal example of a combination of modernist design and relevant technology. This is confirmed by the stunningly beautiful lookbook of the collection, shot within the brutal architecture of Seoul by the talented photographer Serin Auh and his team.
Recently, we interviewed the brand's creative director Jai Lee, in which we learned about the philosophy and appearance of this new division of the Korean outdoor giant KOLON, the concept of their second edition, the use of materials and their vision of modern industry trends. We highly recommend checking it out via the link to learn more about the brand and its concept.
The 03 Edition collection from LTEKS will be available in November this year on the official brand's website and via selected retailers.

Words, layout: Alexander Zabelin [THM].
Images: Serin Auh for LTEKS.