Beyond extraordinary, beyond performance
Beyond extraordinary, beyond performance
Exploration of functional apparel is the core outlet of our passion and we pride ourselves on always digging deep to uncover meaning and understand every detail of something extraordinary.

In the constant desire to elevate the overall understanding of the subject of functional apparel that we have been pursuing for 9 years and counting, we more than appreciate the like minded outliers and boundary pushers, whose obsession leads them to new heights in their respective niches.
[ beyond fancy clothes ]
MONCLER GRENOBLE line, being the most renowned technical offering from the French functional luxury brand, is well known historically to be the pinnacle of their expertise in garment manufacturing. Coming off their extensive show in St. Moritz, MONCLER establishes their upcoming hot season offering with packable styles, adjustable silhouettes and lightweight fabrics throughout the Grenoble Spring Summer 24 collection.
GORE-TEX PACLITE and POLARTEC ALPHA are notable materials, used in the key garments. A number of backpacks, sling bags and new sunglasses add to the full luxury hiking trip experience. Transformable down-filled pieces in a micro quilted style offer the fans of the brands most iconic winter styles an option to keep cozy during the night.

New sandal silhouette dubbed VELA adds to the lineup of the very safari inspired colorways of the already iconic Trailgrip silhouette.
[ it is not about putting a bunch of layers on oneself ]
A creative expression, fueled by the love of arts and the outdoors, Gozzilah's work is iconic, to say the least. Having a deep history and understanding of functional apparel, spending his childhood between the ocean and mountains, and being an avid climber and mountaineer, Gozzilah flew to our studio for this shoot with 4 suitcases filled with carabiners, ropes and enough equipment to suit up for a K-2 summit, appropriate for the task at hand.
Spending a week with this creative powerhouse, working side by side on this project, we have grown to understand his universe, rarely shown or explained to the public. A true and deep passion for telling a story through imagery and graphics, colour and silhouettes, statues and more, his world is integral and untainted by the consumable and temporary nature of the algorithm run race. It's an expression, creative flow and deep vision inspired by his experiences. All MUSES and CREATURES live in it and correspond to each other, interact and occupy the frame with their otherworldly presence, made possible by a fascinating and maximalist styling of Gozzilah.
Everything starts with a vision. Assembly of the look or a creature is just shaping the chaos of all the available gear and bits and pieces, nothing is preplanned and strict, everything can change and everything is organic – a pinnacle of creative state of flow.
[ elegance and passion ]
In the world of Gozzilah's MUSES we find explorers, taking on the challenging terrain of different biomes like high mountains, deep jungles and arid deserts. All of these adventurers are clad in a fascinating array of fabric, composites and metal, their eyes piercing through the lenses of their always present sunglasses.
Each explorer represents the most maximalist, nearly video game-like characterisation of the world of functional apparel, taking the medium to the extreme lengths in styling and colour theory, yet the everlasting point that can't be overlooked is the pure finesse and elegance of these creations. The style and this work in general is pure and joyful, luxurious and wild, and we could not be more proud to have shaped this into reality.
MONCLER GRENOBLE SS24 collection is now available via
brand's official website and selected retailers.

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Made by TECHUNTER Magazine.

Production: TECHUNTER Media.
Photographer/Creative director/Creative producer - Ivan Dzhatiev [THM].
Stylist/Art direction/Creature work - Gozzilah.
Executive producer - Alexander Zabelin [THM].
Producer - Lena Gerulaytis.
DOP/Light design - Arseniy Ponomarenko.
Styling assistant/Creature work - JR.
Assistant stylist/Creature work - Elena Tash.
Product styling/Creature work - Polina Zhuravkova.
Product stylist assistant - Maria Lykuanova.
Assistant producer/PA - Anna Gazzati.
MUAH - Natalia Czernuski.
Models - Oleksii Kolbei, Irina Belskaia.
Gaffer - Peter Pankratov.
Electricians - Vitaly Yarkin, Yury Zhos.
DIT - Peter Babitsky.
1AC - Nikita Babenko.
Clean-up - Artur Meretukov.
Editor - Igor Sichev.
Studio assistant - Dmitry Reikin.
BTS - Andrei Bortnikau.