TECTALK Episode 4:
In our new 4th episode of the TECTALK podcast, we contacted Alec Leach – an independent author, editor, consultant, and founder of the space for responsible (sustainable) fashion called FUTURE DUST. There are quite many projects tackling this topic online, but Alec's account is one of the most visible and high-profile. We discussed his work and his project, the difference between responsible and sustainable fashion, talked about who actually needs all of this, as well as about his habits, vintage culture, and favorite activists. Listen to our new episode on any convenient audio service.
Participants: Ivan Dzhatiev, Nikita Osaulenko [TH].
Guest: Alec Leach [FUTURE DUST].
Sound design: Nikita Osaulenko [TH].
Cover design: Ruslan Yalilov [TH].
Music: skinnerbox – the skinnerbox ambient set.
Intro/outro: THE ANIX – TECHUNTER.
2:07 - Responsible > sustainable.
3:06 - Alec's story and FUTURE DUST foundation.
7:53 - Influences on the project.
13:25 - Fast fashion vs. slow fashion.
16:57 - Greenwashing.
19:50 - Responsibility of consumers, brands, and governments.
23:38 - How did the green mindset come into fashion?
28:33 - Do we really need to change everything?
32:20 - Quarantine and its consequences.
38:12 - Céline Semaan.
39:12 - Carbon footprint.
41:20 - "It is a tough life to be a sneaker".
45:25 - Vintage changes.
48:06 - Second-hand business.
53:33 - Good habits from Alec.
1:00:04 - Consumerism from West to East.
1:03:32 - Top tier list of brands by Alec.
1:06:28 - Alec's inspiration.
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