TECTALK Episode 6:
Here is our new edition of TECTALK podcast! This time we talked to a person of very unusual professional activity. Benjamin Pothier is an analog astronaut, a fellow of the legendary The Explorers Club – an international community of discoverers [active since 1904, members of the club were the first at the North and South poles, on the Moon, on mount Everest and at the deepest point of the ocean], and most recently he defended his Ph.D. thesis. Finally, he's a fan of tech clothing and has several shells from the likes of Acronym, Veilance, and more in his collection. We talked to him about life on Mars and Earth, his expeditions, and the tech equipment that he takes with him when climbing active volcanos and descending into arid deserts.
Produced by TECHUNTER Media.

Mod: Ivan Dzhatiev [THM].
Guest: Benjamin Pothier.
Sound design: Nikita Osaulenko [THM].
Cover design: Ruslan Yalilov [THM].
Music: skinnerbox – the skinnerbox ambient set.
Intro/outro: THE ANIX – TECHUNTER.

2:15 - Who is Benjamin Pothier?
7:33 - Ph.D. for astronauts.
9:35 - Space for everybody?
14:00 - Farms on Mars.
20:00 - The Explorers Club.
23:05 - Daily/exploration gear preferences and recommendations.
26:15 - Hiking, sports, and training for expeditions.
30:00 - Benjamin's Ph.D. with clothing accents.
36:20 - Cultural influences.
41:50 - Science fiction vs. reality.
46:30 - Private Space race.
51:00 - Earth problems: culture vs. globalism.
54:42 - Gear for expeditions.
59:20 - Cold stories.
1:07:20 - Recommendations to check out.
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