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[BYBORRE interview]
Dear friends, in this series we introduce you to the materials and participants of our new digital issue. To cover "the fusion of modern outdoor and fashion" concept of the issue, we tried to approach the topic objectively and learned opinions from different industry clusters: brands, designers, media, retail, education, materials manufacturers, influencers, and innovators. To find out who is bringing new technologies to the functional clothing market, our friends from the INTERN visited the BYBORRE Textile Studio from Amsterdam. Their Design Director Samuel de Goede spoke about how he got into the team, their Textile Development Kit concept, creating advanced textile technologies, and working with GORE-TEX.
Check the article preview below and read the full interview in TECHUNTER 06 ONLINE issue at the link.

Q: INTERN Techwear Corp.
A: Samuel de Goede [BYBORRE, Design Director].
Photo: BYBORRE archive.