Patrick Stangbye
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In August 2022, we found ourselves in Chamonix. At this time of the year, Chamonix turns into a Coachella for trail running - athletes from all over the world gather at the foot of Mont Blanc to run one of the ultra distances on the slopes of the Alps.
We were lucky to be in this place once more, together with the incredible people from Norda Fam. Everyone there is obsessed with the love of ultra-distance running, and each of them has their own unique story. So we asked them to share these stories, tips on preparing for the race, their favorite equipment, and most importantly: What do they run for?

Meet Patrick Stangbye – industry creative, brand strategy and creative direction specialist, currently developing the ROA brand at Slam Jam. In addition, Patrick is an ultra-distance professional trail runner, and this year he ran CCC [100 km]. Enjoy our late-night fireplace in the field interview, listening to crowd cheers and membrane rustling.
Stay tuned for more Norda Fam athletes profiles by TECHUNTER, coming soon.

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