The new issue of TECHUNTER is dedicated to the most interesting, in our opinion, brands and designers in the field of men's clothing production in Russia, sometime overlooked or unknown by the general public. We shared information from the participants of the issue about our industry (its pros and cons), told how to choose a winter jacket according to the technologies necessary for different climatic zones of Russia, imagined a little about the future of functional clothing and more.

The issue also released in two languages separately: with a Cyrillic logo for the Russian-speaking audience, and with English logo for the English-speaking audience.
The main materials of the 5th Anniversary issue:

– SEVER/GENESIS 2.0 [Interview]
– INFUNDIBULUM [Interview]
– SIVERA [Interview]
– GRI [Interview]
– SILA SVETA [Interview]
– MO_SPW_ACRHIVE [Collection review]
– "How to survive in Russian winter" [Analytical article]
– "Function over form, transhumanism, inclusive clothing and its future" [Research article]
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