During our latest European trip across Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, and Berlin we also explored the local retail scene, visiting unique and intriguing stores we're interested in as a project, and now we want to share them with you.

Without further ado, let's dive deep into our stores guide:
Located in the heart of the city, and operating since 1997, Concrete store is probably the main concept store in Amsterdam, offering a wide selection: from sneakers and designer toys to high-end fashion and functional clothing brands. In addition to responsive and knowledgeable consultants, this store is a multi-discipline showroom that combines product, design, art, and technology reflecting the lifestyle. Consists of two main areas, the shop floor and the gallery where exhibitions are held regularly, incorporating local, as well as internationally known artists and special launch events. A must-see when you are in the city.

Brands you should check there: A-Cold Wall*, Y-3, Christopher Raeburn, Griffin, Maharishi, NEMEN, Nilmance, Snow Peak, TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN, White Mountaineering.

Address: Spuistraat 250.
Previously known as a showcase for all innovative models coming out of the EСCO Innovation Lab, now W-21 [also now known as ECCO Athleisure Store] is an experimental and exclusive concept store, with a selection of new ECCO and ECCO Leather silhouettes. During our visit, there was a large number of discounts on models with Gore-Tex and Dyneema Leather. The website is available by subscription, but the entire selection can also be found on the main EСCO site of your region (hopefully).

Address: Wolvenstraat 21.
Having stumbled upon this store while exploring the city, we were extremely surprised by this find. Carl Denig seems to be the oldest outdoor store in the city, operating since 1912. The 5-story space represents a selection of outdoor brands for all types of activities, and various artifacts and archival items are scattered throughout the store: from outdoor equipment of the military and pre-WW2 period to a rare collection of outdoor films on DVDs. A must-visit for all gorp-geeks when in the city.

Address: Weteringschans 113-115.
We learned about this brand at ISPO Munich 2020 when the company took the award for its hardshell with a new innovative eco-friendly nanopore polyolefin membrane – X-Pore from BenQ. We decided not to miss this opportunity and went to check the jacket live (see in the gallery). Picture Organic Clothing products are made from 100% recycled, organic, or environmentally friendly materials, and the cost is monitored to make sure that the products are a real alternative to traditional industrial production. It's your must-visit place to check the full range of recycled outdoor products.

Address: 65 Rue Saint-Jacques.
Having discovered this store a couple of years ago, we are always fascinated by their insanely well-made editorials, and now we were glad to finally visit it in person. Distance is a running hub for many Parisian runners, as well as a strong retail space with all current running brands, including Norda, Ciele, Satisfy, District Vision, On, and others. The project holds various launches of collections for brands, organizes races together with the Jolie-Foulee club, and also has a branch in Lyon and one, recently opened, in Iten (Kenya). Run into it while exploring the city on your light jog.

Address: 14 Rue Des Filles Du Calvaire.
As a recommendation from our good friend, we paid attention to this store and decided to visit it on our trip. PHM is a unique space in the center of Paris, with a high-quality selection of brands in a seasoned French-Japanese aesthetic, mixing the quality and functionality of sports and outdoor brands with the elegance of casual wear and fashion.

Brands you should check there: Amiacalwa, and wander, Salomon Advanced, VEILANCE, Descente Allterrain, Norse Projects, ZDA.

Address: 50 Rue Des Saints Pères.
We came across this store by chance, while looking for Picture Organic Store. Or rather, came across a whole 2 blocks of shops. In Paris, in this district, near the Cluny La Sorbonne metro station, we found more than 17 stores together. And there are actually 25 of them. First opened in 1941, now Au Vieux Campeur represents more than 500 brands across its stores, and in this area of Paris, each store presents a separate selection by sport or category: mountaineering, scuba diving/fishing, canoeing, canyoning, sports/Nordic walking, swimming, diving, skiing, snowboarding, caving, trail and road running, triathlon, sailing/water sports, cycling, hiking/camping/outdoor, travel, footwear, clothing, construction, tools, books, and glasses. Probably the main Parisian hub for everything related to outdoor and active sports. Be sure to take a walk around the area, when you are nearby.

Address: 25 stores around 48 Rue Des Ecoles.
"Connecting tribes of like-minded people across the world" – is the main motto of the project. Founded in 1989 by Luca Benini, with an office in Ferrara, retail space, and a creative studio in Milan, Slam Jam is a hub of both local and global communities, combining and presenting various projects from the world of fashion, street, and underground culture and art. Their Spazio Maiocchi creative space holds launches and exhibitions of artists, and the store on Via Giovanni Lanza presents a unique selection of different kinds of brands. A certain must-see for everyone who visits the northern capital of Italy.

Brands you should check there: ACRONYM, Arc'teryx, VEILANCE, and wander, A-Cold Wall*, AFFXWRKS, Arnar Mar Jonsson, DEMON, Eden Power Corp, GR10K, Gramicci, Kiko Kostadinov, Klattermusen, Merrell, Moncler, Nike ACG, paria /FARZANEH, Patagonia, ROA, Salomon, Snow Peak, Stone Island.

Address: Via Giovanni Lanza 1.
Another Milan hub for various subcultures and creative youth of the northern capital. Their editorials for brands from their creative team deserve special attention, and the unique retail space in Milan at Piazza Armando Diaz with its own bar and careful selection of brands guarantees your visit. In addition, we should mention their books and magazines section, where you can study and purchase the works of Dazed & Confused, i-D, The Face, System, 032C, Sneaker Freaker, Kaleidoscope and others, including our friends from Orienteer Mapazine.

Brands you should check there: and wander, Arc'teryx, C.P. Company, Diemme, GR10K, Gramicci, Heimplanet, Maharishi, Merrell 1TRL, Nanamica, ROA, Salomon Advanced, Snow Peak, thisisneverthat, VEILANCE.

Address: Piazza Armando Diaz 2.
We would not have specified the classic Swoosh retailer, if not for this particular store's unique selection of lines. One of the 6 stores of the Lab concept (also in London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Paris), which opened as an experiment in 2014, attracts visitors, like us, with some rare products from the ESC line (Every Stitch Considered is an avant-garde line from NIKE, with premium materials and attention to details, produced in Italy), Gyakusou, ACG, Undercover, as well as the latest collaboration with ACRONYM. Should be on your radar, if you are a Swoosh fan.

Address: Via Statuto 18.
In 1987, Claudio Antonioli launched his first retail project in Milan, which soon became a reference point for a select and knowledgeable clientele. His philosophy is to combine research, modernity, and the avant-garde, and for this reason, he has always been able to offer the most complete and important selection of designers and brands on the fashion scene. Antonioli Inner represents a more accessible selection of worldwide fashion labels, streetwear, sportswear, performance, and designer sneakers. The spaces are located opposite each other on the same street and attract fashion enthusiasts from different cultural communities.

Brands you should check there: A-Cold Wall*, Arnar Mar Jonsson, 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi, C.P. Company, Kiko Kostadinov, Moncler, Stone Island, TEN C, Y-3.

Address: Via P. Paoli 4.
Started at the origins of Berlin street culture, and evolved from the online store The-Glade of Jorg Haas (founder of Beinghunted.2001) into a physical space in the early noughties, Firmament is one of the first and main suppliers of premium Japanese street brands such as Wtaps, Neighborhood, Cav Empt, Nanamica, Wacko Maria, Visvim and others. By organizing launches of new collections and uniting local communities, the store is also open to supporting new projects, including our anniversary printed (now the last printed) issue of TECHUNTER 05 magazine (sold out now). We talked to the current CEO of the project, Andre Storvoll, who told us that in near future the selection of the store will change and more new and exciting brands will appear, including functional and outdoor directions. Keep your eye on their social media channels and make sure to visit them when you are in Berlin.

Address: Linienstrasse 40.
We first heard about the store, due to our friends at BagJack having an offline presence there (currently not represented). Stay Hungry Sports space on Mulackstrasse presents the brand's eponymous casual sportswear line, as well as a unique selection of brands with military and tactical aesthetics from the AT EASE project, including Danner, Helinox, Hoka One One, Mystery Ranch, Patagonia, Tilak, Wild Things, and others. The visit should definitely be on your list.

Address: Mulackstrasse 37.
Initially opened as a space for the Berlin-based brand Arys, the project soon began to represent other brands of a similar context, gradually turning into a new hub for all enthusiasts of functional design and style. The young team also makes conceptual editorials, introducing their customers to the selection and talking about new launches. Probably the closest selection of brands to us, and it is also the only distributor of our friends at NORDA in Berlin. Come by to check when you're at Kollwitzkiez.

Brands you should check there (the whole list probably, but to name a few): BYBORRE, Cayl, CCP.FM, Descente Allterrain, Helinox, Heimplanet, Houdini, Klattermusen, Norda, ON, Ostrya, Segment, SOAR and others.

Address: Kollwitzstrasse 51.
GATE is a system of spaces in central Berlin, connecting fashion, art, and music – as they describe it on their main website. Located in a backyard, where they host different events and launches, the store is a contemporary fashion boutique and concept store, with a carefully-selected range of brands, including some really unique and rare collections. Should be on your radar, exploring the Berlin retail scene.

Brands you should check there: A-Cold Wall*, BYBORRE, 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi, ACRONYM, C2H4, Guerrilla Group, GR10K, Hamcus, Maharishi, NemeN, Nilmance, paria /FARZANEH, ROA, Salomon, Stone Island.

Address: Koepenicker Strasse 194.
Let us know your favorite stores in these cities, the ones we missed, and stay tuned for the upcoming articles from our trip in the next few weeks.
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