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Friends, let us introduce you to the materials of our new digital issue. To explore the phenomenon of "functional womenswear", we, as always, tried to cover the topic from as many points of view as possible, cooperating with the strongest representatives of the industry, and analyzing this trend from all sides through our articles and exclusive interviews.
As a guest author, our longtime friend Ksenia Sofianatos [founder of FUNCTIONAL CLOTHING LAB] wrote a research article on women's functional clothing, analyzing the topic from the anatomical point of view, construction features in design, collecting user opinions and a list of brands focused on creating functional clothing for women.

Check out some snippets of the article via slides below.
Read the full material in our new TECHUNTER 07 ONLINE digital issue at the link.
Words: Ksenia Sofianatos [Functional Clothing Lab].
Ph: Functional Clothing Lab.