Dear friends! We are pleased to announce that after a long time collecting the material, we have started the stage of assembly and are doing the layout of our new digital issue TECHUNTER 07 ONLINE.

The theme of the new issue is "women's functional clothing" and we managed to collect a solid list of participants for this issue. Among the contents you will find interviews with Eva Karlsson [CEO and founder of Houdini Sportswear], Mihoko Mori [designer and founder of and wander], Suzanne Oude Hengel [Textile Museum technician, knit researcher], Dr. Jeanette Friedrich [global director of the ISPO Group], HOLDEN, Craghoppers, materials from our guest authors [functional_clothing_lab] and Not For Archiving ™ , our analytical articles, editorials and much more.
Modern restrictions and a new wave of the pandemic yet again affected our work, and therefore the release of this issue was postponed. However we continue our work and now, the official release is scheduled for the second half of August 2021. In the meantime, you can support us by ordering items from our online store.

We are excited to show you the final version since it turned out to be one giant exclusive!

Thank you for your support.