We were always fascinated by the beauty of different textiles. When you see such a detailed picture of a structure of some amazing fabric, you can definitely understand the whole world of exploration and development behind its creation.

And you are just mesmerized by the beauty of it. So we started our THM MACROSHOTS editorial series, where we explore the complexity, depth, and beauty of different fabrics, textiles, materials, and hardware through the macro lens.

Today we are happy to present our 50th-anniversary edition of THM Macroshots.

Our signature format of product reviews through the macro lens is a particular source of pride for us. Over nearly its two-year history we've been able to research so many top-notch products, continually raising the bar for the quality of our work and product presentation.

We extend a huge thank you to our readers and partners for their special trust and attention to this particular series.

In our anniversary issue, we explored probably one of the most exciting releases of this year: Descente Allterrain and côte&ciel collaboration.
For the Fall/Winter '22 season, the French artisan of functional bags and accessories côte&ciel has teamed up with the Japanese functional apparel brand Descente and its urban sub-brand Allterrain. Both brands throughout their history have demonstrated the highest level of their craft with a combination of key parameters: modern design, innovative approach to fabrics and materials selection, exquisite construction, and a strong visual presentation.
Their first collaborative project came out with this limited edition capsule, which will delight all fans of all functional clothing. The brands went beyond specific products and created an entire system, combining the strong suits of each other. The result is a combination of the Sormonne Métamorphe / The Shapeshifter bag and the Mizusawa Down Jacket, working adaptively with each other through special design elements.
The Sormonne Métamorphe / The Shapeshifter is an updated version of the iconic Sormonne backpack from côte&ciel's line with new 3-in-1 functionality. Taking its name from the calm waters of a river in northeastern France, the original silhouette has an interior compartment that can comfortably hold a device up to 13 inches in diagonal and an exterior with two flat, concealed-zippered pockets, both accessible when the backpack is worn over one shoulder. The updated product from the joint collection with Descente Allterrain consists of 2 separate elements: the main compartment and a flat back with a compartment for a laptop.
Thanks to this system, the backpack itself can be used for different activities. For an urban look, you can use just the flat part and hide it under the Mizusawa Down jacket while maintaining the technical look of the backpack's straps in the front. For exploration you can use the whole volume of the backpack with the main compartment, and if it gets hot - throw off the jacket and it will remain hanging on the backpack, so it does not need to be removed or carried in hand. And if you get tired of wearing it on your back, you can attach a strap to the main compartment and use it conveniently as a tote bag.
Descente's classic Mizusawa Down Jacket silhouette has also undergone updates to accommodate this new system. The original model takes its name from the Descente's garment factory with its unique production capabilities located in the city formerly known as Mizusawa and now Oshu City in Iwate Prefecture, in the northern part of Japan's main island.

The jacket itself is a unique technical product created by Descente's engineers, taking into account the company's experience, capabilities, and technological solutions. The unique combination of all that has elevated the jacket to the Olympus of technical down clothing in 2007 with the abandonment of the classic seams, replacing them with a special technology of heat welding. Even in the areas of reinforcement, where seams are critical, it has a sealing tape. These technical changes greatly increased the comfort and convenience of wearing the jacket in rain and snow and gave the down jacket a whole new breath of air.
By any measure, this is a very high-tech down jacket, from all the unique details of laser-cutting, the structure of the down pack, thermo-welded seams, and the way the down is packed inside. From the beginning to the final product, each piece of clothing passes through the hands of highly skilled and very experienced technicians of Descente.

In collaboration with côte&ciel, the original design has been further improved. Designed in Japan, the jacket has a slightly looser fit than the classic silhouette and special design elements for compatibility with the Sormonne Métamorphe: hidden zippered holes in the back of the jacket to allow for attaching backpack straps and providing a whole new level of functional wear; a side zipper system for slipping into side backpack pockets, making your essential items instantly accessible to you; buckles inside the front jacket pockets to attach the lumbar straps. This is one of those rare examples where a truly unique product is made even more perfect.
One of this year's most interesting releases both in idea and execution from the professionals at côte&ciel and Descente Allterrain, it is now available via the official côte&ciel website in a limited edition of only 155 pieces. Don't miss your chance to get in touch with the highlight of functional clothing history.

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