[HH-118389225 "211" collection]
[HH-118389225 "211" collection]
We were always fascinated by the beauty of different textiles. When you see such a detailed picture of the structure of some amazing fabric, you can definitely understand the whole world of exploration and development behind its creation. And you are just mesmerized by the beauty of it. So we started our THM MACROSHOTS editorial series, where we explore the complexity, depth, and beauty of different fabrics, textiles, materials, and hardware through the macro lens.

Our new macro-editorial exploring the details of products from the "211" collection by HH-118389225 – the new Helly Hansen experimental line. The name of this line is based on the alphanumeric code of the word "archive". With each season, the last 3 numbers of this code change to reflect the year and season of the collection. The design of this range began with a study of the historical archives of Helly Hansen and a focus on the key products of each season, as well as understanding how these products can be reinterpreted in modern design, using advances in technology/technological production and design processes.
The "211" collection draws inspiration from the brand's 140-year history in the production of technical sailing clothing, creating life vests for various extreme conditions. The SS21 covers the visual aesthetics of these vests and their professional assembly. We got our hands on the flagship element of the collection – the HH Ocean Coat. Equipped with a 3-layer Helly Tech Performance fabric with fully taped seams, it has all the attributes of its archived ancestor: a hidden hood, a high stand-up collar, reflective elements, a rescue whistle, a sealed jacket bag, and a removable bag that can be worn on the coat or removed for individual use. In addition, we got the trousers from the new collection, inspired by the details of the rescue jackets. The collection itself is very limited and was sold exclusively in Storm, Copenhagen.

Here is our new THM Macroshot editorial, exploring this amazing collection.
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