[VOLLEBAK Full Metal Jacket / USED]
[VOLLEBAK Full Metal Jacket / USED]
We were always fascinated by the beauty of different textiles. When you see such a detailed picture of the structure of some amazing fabric, you can definitely understand the whole world of exploration and development behind its creation. And you are just mesmerized by the beauty of it. So we started our THM MACROSHOTS editorial series, where we explore the complexity, depth, and beauty of different fabrics, textiles, materials, and hardware through the macro lens.

Copper is considered one of the first technical metals used by humans. With the development of civilization, it is used to create technical tools, water sterilization, communications, transport, and electric power. Its ability to conduct heat and energy, killing bacteria and viruses, makes it a very promising material for clothing of the future.
Vollebak team ventured into a new experiment and created a jacket consisting of about 11 kilometers of copper wire. Copper takes up 65% of the material in terms of composition, and the Swiss c_change ® membrane from Schoeller adds functionality as an outer shell. Most recently, TIME magazine awarded it the status of "Best Invention of 2020", and we were able to capture and test it.

Here is our second iteration of THM Macroshot editorial, exploring this amazing jacket after long usage and abuse during the winter season.
This macro-editorial marks a new point for our project since now we are officially supported by our first long-term partner – Fujifilm. We have independently chosen, bought, and have been using their gear for all of our work for the past couple of years. Now we linked up properly, and are going to continue to perfect our visuals for your enjoyment, be it medium format macro photography, editorial work, reportage, or and all possible areas we can explore together. Hope you enjoy and make sure to keep it pinned to all our social media for more.

Сheck the first edition of VOLLEBAK Full Metal Jacket macroshots at this link.
Ph: Ivan Dzhatiev [TECHUNTER media].

In our recent TECHUNTER 06 ONLINE digital issue, we also spoke with Steve about the past, the present, and the future of innovations, as well as the design for a hundred years to come. The English version is available at the link.

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