The main concept of THE BORDERLANDS exhibition, organized under the new partnership of VANISH and ISPO, was the motif of "Nature - Future - Culture" : blurring the boundaries between seemingly unrelated concepts. Modern outdoor-industry needs a new round of development, expansion of consciousness, the inclusion of imagination and a new vision.
Our installation served as this activation lever. We have tried to present and combine the aesthetics of the original cyberpunk and the future of the outdoor industry through the work of independent CGI artists, as well as to present brands whose background partially passes through the inspiration of these concepts.
The first and main unit of the installation was a cyberpunk corridor, literally made and decorated by us manually. It was a completely closed (based on the installation capabilities) space on the second level of scaffolding, where was created the darkest room and the atmosphere of science fiction cyberpunk lane with neon lights, TV-screens and transparent entrances.
On those TV-screens we demonstrated digital-works of our magazine and our friends. The first one broadcasted the project of our designer Ruslan Yalilov with animated arts from the 4th magazine issue, the videoclip of our friend and subscriber THE ANIX on the track THE ANIX - TECHUNTER, as well as the work of our friends from DERIVE on the theme of exploring the past and the future of cities through the tools of augmented and virtual reality. The second monitor broadcasted our author cyberpunk Manifesto, as the main narrative to the entire installation, rewritten by our Creative Director Re.Configured and based on the "Cyberpunk Manifesto" by Christian A. Kirchev, written at February 14, 1997.
On the corridor walls we placed arts of independent artists, which were specially invited to participate in this project. According to the basic concept of the corridor, the artists depicted their characters in a sci-Fi vision, each in their own style, demonstrating an understanding of the cyberpunk philosophy and the future of outdoor industry.
@abrarkhan.90 ______________________________ @fc_arts_ ________________________________@dobu.haishen _____________________________@neeraj.n.menon
@theanix __________________________________ @er_go_en _______________________________@dirtyrobot ________________________________ @ntfnd404
The second part of the general installation was the container and its upper part. On the stairs combined with a container we placed other arts by artists, who responded to our design call and demonstrated their vision of the outdoor future and the FUTURE MOUNTAIN PROJECT concept.
@trevorbernardo______________________________________________________________________ @skeevaa
@trevorbernardo______________________ @skeevaa
@zroform___________________________________________________________________________ @kontrolaltdelt
@zroform_________________________ @kontrolaltdelt
To decorate art part of the overall composition our designer Ruslan Yalilov made the author's 3D graphic, painted on the walls of scaffolding for a unique backdrop of artists posters. The main object was the stairs wall, 8-meter height, full-format flooded by robot graphics on the concept of FUTURE MOUNTAIN PROJECT. Cyberpunk Scull became an additional work of Ruslan, who participated in the design call.
In addition to the artistic component of the composition in the form of art and graphically decorated walls, we invited to participate brands, the concept of which demonstrates modern progressive and functional clothing, as well as science fiction inspiration. Thus, in one space we have combined different brands under one motif : "Nature - Future - Culture".
In addition to the physical incarnation of the HAMCUS universe characters on mannequins, we have implemented their new 3D installation with the projector. This installation was first shown at the independent showroom of the brand at Paris Fashion Week as part of their SS20 collection. We repeated this project and inside our container was created and decorated the most darkened space to create a 3D effect and demonstrate ATHEIST hologram and its SOLO collection characters.
In the near future, you can watch a video tour of the stand with detailed explanations from our Creative Director. We thank VANISH and ISPO teams for the invitation and opportunity, assistance in creating and contributing to the development of culture, as well as all artists and brands who responded and participated in our show.
The next exhibition will be held in winter and we are certainly ready to participate in it. For interaction, you can easily contact us by e-mail through the "contacts". Stay tuned to our updates to not miss the announcement.
Review : Alexander Zabelin.
Photo : Timur Sugar, Re.Configured.
Showcase walls design : Ruslan Yalilov.
Layout : Tatiana Vasilenko.