The 30-day Design Challenge 2.0
[DAY 17-24/30]
The 30-day Design Challenge 2.0
[DAY 17-24/30]
Continue to share the knowledge of accessible functional design together with INTERN Techwear Corp, we are happy to announce these review articles on their new 30-day Design Challenge 2.0 which will be released in 4 parts with quick explanations from interns, their pictures and links to project logs.
Their team are already embarked on the 30-day DIY Design Challenge round 2, creating a new product from scratch, each and every day (or two) for an entire month! Taking requests from the community, they aim to share as much as possible behind the process of design, methods, tools, tricks, feats and failures.
So here is the part III from day 17 to day 24 where guys already created welded pocket trench coat, magnetic edc organizer cases, worked in collaboration with @adikt.official, @search.outfitted, Capri Philip, @nirec.corp, explored some back panel constructions and discussed about the business of design.

Read more details below, follow their social media and don't forget to challenge them by yourself!
"Intern's intern back at it again. We're going to be exploring some back panel constructions. I've been learning quite a lot about how bags come together, looking at different approaches to how bags can be made, from the "efficient" manufacturing of something like a Herschel day pack. To witnessing the construction of an Intern Dutypack, which takes a minimum of about 30 hours of labour per bag.

This exploration will revolve around a way that we can test new materials such as different types of spacer mesh, evolved iterations of straps and hardware, as well as different back panel lay-ups.

In this exploration we used an ultra thicccc spacer mesh from a company called Apex Mills, and played around more with the Kevlar X-pac that was experimented on earlier in the challenge from Dimension Polyant".

Follow the link to project log for the build.
"We had an esteemed guest come by and collaborate on a challenge with us, @adikt_official.

He showed up armed with tools and ready to go. The morning was spent working through some ideas and settled on the project for the day... a convertible vest backpack hybrid. What came out was something weird and fantastic.

We will shake things up again today as we let Adikt (AKA John Ly) share with us his process. Mastered over many years working with the largest players in the industry".

Follow the link to project log for the build.
"For day 19 we made a trenchcoat with a few weird twists!

3 MASSIVE TiZip zippers to the entry and pocket… some may all it impractical, but they're the best damn zippers on this planet and we love using them whenever possible!

The same Toray textile we developed for a customer earlier this year, using the Dermizax membrane… we made this waterproof breathable to properly stop water, period (the resulting waterproofing rating exceeds the industry standard testing scale).

The rest of the weirdness on this one comes from the liner pockets, where we explored a type of welded construction we've not played with in the challenge yet".

Follow the link to project log for the build.
"We played with some new hardware from our pals at WeTool… more MAGNETS! This time it's a strip of proper neodymium rare-earth cylinder magnets for some serious holding power… and tricky to sew, because sewing machines are made of ferrous metals.

We put the WeTool magnets to work in some little modular EDC cases, two little clamshell mini 'briefcases' made as miniature Duty-Pack patterns. A strip a magnets circles the perimeter of each case allowing them to snap together. Pockets and hook-and loop fabric on the inside. The same magnets that allow the cases to snap together also allow for adding internal modular magnetic snap-in panels.

We had planned on a third folio style item that would live in-between the two cases, but the clock came hammering down and I was unable to finish in time! It's an idea we're definitely going to revisit in the future down the road. These things are just too much fun to snap together, there needs to be a couple more units in the modular chain".

Follow the link to project log for the build.
"To close the first three weeks of design grind, we're going to talk a little about the Business of Design today. We thought it would be fun to put the load on our project manager today and give our sewing fingers a rest.

We're a small team with three partners at the core of INTERN Techwear Corp. alongside us we have our interns, resident designers, and partner suppliers. The numbers change as souls join and leave our ranks for projects or as part of schooling, but we're less than 10 souls at any given time with 2-3 assigned to a project typically.

Our overseer, project manager, coordinator is involved in all things, one way or another. His background stems from business management and film production coordinating... but he's always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and moreso the will and ability to keep creatives on task.

We will try to articulate our experiences so far with running INTERN, as well as some pieces of advice for anyone else running their own business, or thinking about starting one".

Follow the link to discussion post.
"We will spend the next few days focused on collaborations with some of our favourite makers and designers. Today, the spotlight is on our friend Theo at @Search.Outfitted, a brand built to encourage exploration in the ever-growing urban jungle.

We met Theo through instagram a few years ago; and when we saw the crazy shit he was doing we knew we had had to slide into his DMs. From then on, we've been wanting to find the opportunity to work with him. The plan was to host him, (along with a few other makers), at INTERN HQ, until COVID hit. So instead, we sent Theo a care package of materials, buckles, trims, and glues and spent a couple days collaborating on concepts remotely.

Theo will be running the show in his home studio today, as he leads us on his journey to answer the question - "What happens when sprezzatura meets techwear?"

Follow the link to project log for the build.
"We've dedicated this week to working with some of our favourite designers and makers; and get out of our own little ideation bubble.

Today we had our friend Capri Philip, an Arc'teryx pattern maker turned Veilance design developer, come by INTERN HQ to test out some concepts and teach us about her process. She's been a huge advocate for bringing women's technical wear to the market and we're super stoked to have her at our studio.

Capri biked in with an idea for a lightweight vest that has a trick up its sleeve. From there we executed a hybrid running vest, following her lead on patterning and construction. The result was a sleek fitted vest with insulated arms utilizing Polartec Alpha, but the highlight of the day was following her pattern mastery...speechless".

Follow the link to project log for the build.
"With less than a week to go and we've got one more maker collaboration for you all… and this time it's a FOOTWEAR PROJECT!
Today, we're working alongside @nirec.corp, who's going to be teaching us the methods behind something we haven't really approached on our own!

It's important to note that in this industry, footwear is near unobtanium, and to find a passionate creator like Ciren taking on these kinds of projects all on his own is a one in a million find. His works are easily on par with some of the largest brands out there! We've wanted to challenge him with a project for over a year now…. And are very excited that dreams finally come to reality. Together, with his lead, we came up with a concept somewhere in between a sneaker and a barefoot shoe.

Ciren put his mastery to work with this project and what came out was a retrofuturistic take on the transitional running shoe. It's also the first time any of us have tried to produce a finished footwear item in a single day".

Follow the link to project log for the build.
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