Paris Men's Fashion Week, June 2023, SS24 [Events Photo-report]
During Paris Fashion Week we got the chance to explore a ton of exciting showrooms, but we also saved time to participate in a variety of different events.
It encompassed anything from runway shows, launch parties, group runs, and so on. As we did with the showrooms and new collections we also decided to document these events for you in the hopes that it could give you insight into the more relaxed and perhaps fun side of fashion week… Like, who doesn’t love free beers and snacks, c'mon?

With that let’s delve deep into our full events photo report for PFW SS24.
FACETASM SS24 [Runway]
For our first event, we had a chance to view Facetasm's SS24 runway show. The event was set in a wonderful Parisian courtyard where models walked along a walkway that circled the center and guests were seated just around the outside towards the back walls. The collection itself was very contemporary-focused and encompassed a great range of vibrant colors. Most pieces were not heavily technical but nonetheless, the brand communicated a great stylist approach that appeared to blend both contemporary and playfulness perfectly.

What did intrigue us the most about this show was the footwear. Facetasm appears to have a very exciting collaboration with Clarks Originals coming for SS24 and we can’t wait for some more details on that.
NEUTRA x BYBORRE [Launch Party]
The Neutra and BYBORRE launch party was a fun small event that was located right in the center of Paris. The launch had pretty much everything that you look for at these types of events: cool clothes, good vibes, funky music, and free booze. Once you stepped into the actual space you were sent back in time and were surrounded by old food dispensers and old box TVs displaying both BYBORRE and Neutra branding videos. Most importantly within the space, and the reason we all gathered there in the first place was the new collaboration between Neutra and BYBORRE incorporating Neutra’s design with BYBORRE’s incredible textile. The Hakone Trainer got the unique touch of a custom 3D textile insert made by Amsterdam’s famous textile innovators.

And for our most loyal and seeking hunters we’ve even got a sneak peek of their upcoming silhouette, which will hit the shelves next year - see in the carousel.

To know more about BYBORRE and their textile innovations, read our latest interview and tour via their Amsterdam studio at the link:
A few blocks down from the Neutra and BYBORRE event was the Norse Projects and Adidas collaboration launch party. This was an event held within the Norse Projects showroom and it was a great opportunity for us to meet some new faces from the brand and chat about their new collection. The collaboration with Adidas was on display here and it was the main talking point within the room. With the collab’s primary focus on footwear, for SS24 both teams created two new shoes based on the Campus & Terrex Skychaser 2 silhouettes. Both of them have different purposes, with one aimed to be more of an active shoe and the other catered for casual use.
CÔTE&CIEL [Store Opening Party]
For the first time, CÔTE&CIEL opened their own store in the center of Paris. It was great to see such an important project that has been in the pipeline for some time finally come to fruition. The space itself is perfectly on-brand and you are completely encapsulated by very well-designed products as soon as you step into the store. For the event, CÔTE&CIEL had a live DJ set right at the entrance which made for a really great vibe. Crowds of people flocked for the store’s opening and it was amazing to see so many people who we are close with in one space.

We congratulate CÔTE&CIEL on this great milestone!

Read our interview with CÔTE&CIEL team in their Berlin HQ at the link:
ROA [Breakfast Talk]
ROA held an informative breakfast talk that really felt like a change of pace from the hectic rush of fashion week. Ultimately the purpose of this talk was to make the audience think about the bigger picture – nature and the environment we live in. The first talk of the morning was from Flock Together – a bird-watching collective that encourages young people of color to explore and reconnect with nature to find themselves. Their talk explained the importance of nature and the outdoors and how it can bring us all together and help us to find our own identities. The second talk was from Birds for Change – a French charity aiming to protect local birds and more recently finding ways of using birds to help clean trash in exchange for seeds.

Both lectures gave a different perspective on what was currently happening around us in Paris. We thank ROA for their thoughtfulness and hospitality.

Take a closer look on what ROA offered for SS24 in their Paris showroom via our PFW SS24 Guide at the link:
HOUDINI & SNOW PEAK [Garden Party]
Houdini and Snow Peak definitely had the most weather-appropriate space for both their showroom and their event this year. Temperatures during fashion week were very high and chances to cool down didn’t come very often. The garden party, however, was a lovely chance to relax/cool off under large canopies and tents whilst sitting in comfy Snow Peak chairs. The garden itself had a traditional summer solstice maypole in the middle surrounded by a variety of camping gear, making the space feel like you’re outside of the melting city.

Explore more on the upcoming selections of both brands via our PFW SS24 Guide at the link:
To mark the launch of Orienteer’s new magazine, Impossible Objects hosted a launch event at their showroom. The event gave people the opportunity to purchase the new edition of the magazine, enjoy some live music and connect with people, who showed up in full force nearly blocking the whole street.

Their new 08th issue is the changing point for the team: they switched from a small folding mapazine concept to a full-format 240 pages magazine with 4 variable covers, dozens of articles, fashion editorials, and so on. The space was really nice and it was located in probably the most lively part of Paris during fashion week, where there were a number of other events going on.
SATISFY [Wake-up Run & Distance x Oakley Relay]
Already a tradition, Satisfy held an open-format wake-up run for visitors of Paris Fashion Week to shake up their legs a bit after and before their personal showroom “runs”. At this installment, around 50 people made a loop from Ob-La-Di cafe with amazing views of morning Parisian architectural symbols, including Sainte-Chapelle, Notre-Dame de Paris, Pantheon, Place de la Bastille, and circling back to the cafe where runners were served with Floda drinks, coffee, and snacks to fill up their carbohydrate window a bit. A great healthy lifestyle touch to generally balance the evening/night parties during this hectic week, and an awesome chance to meet people from the industry, passionate about running enough to wake up for a run on Saturday morning at 7:30 after an intense Friday night.

Our Chief Editor had a chance to participate in the relay run later the same evening, supporting their launch of the new Oakley collaboration collection. We thank the Satisfy team for these meaningful events during Fashion Week!

Read our in-depth interview with Brice Partouche [founder, CEO & creative director of Satisfy] at the link:
Our events photo report brings a conclusion to our content that was shot whilst in Paris for SS24. It has been so great to attend and equally been such an honor to meet with both new and friends of old. So here’s to every coffee meet, every showroom visit, and every half-tipsy conversation shared! Paris has been a real blast and we hope to be back very soon, in the meantime you can check out more articles from our previous trips below.
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