Paris Men's Fashion Week, January 2023, FW23 [Guide]
Paris Fashion Week is arguably the most coveted and eye-catching fashion event of the year. Brands from all over the world are eager to get into this time and space period to showcase their new collections in pop-ups, showrooms, presentations, and runways.

The sports and outdoor industry has been mixing with the fashion world very intensively in recent years, blurring established boundaries of what is usually seen during Paris Fashion Week.
The world of functional/technical fashion finds new names every month, while time-honored brands adapt their collections, adding more beauty and aesthetics to them.

We attended this year's PFW over the past weekend to meet and capture what we think are the most interesting brands and collections that will be available later this year. You will find here some outdoor giants in line with upcoming and promising designers, some racks and shelves with beautifully constructed apparel and footwear, of course, illustrated with our favorite close-up shots.

Let's dive deep into our official guide on the Paris Fashion Week 2023 Fall/Winter edition.
Descente has brought its A game again this season with its incredibly designed, but also incredibly functional AW23 line. Detailing of most of the garments is undeniably industry-leading. Most notably some pieces include 'silent velcro' which secures pockets and sleeves without damage to velcro or without making the faintest noise. Also to note Descente were showcasing their I/O line this year which is much more subtle and lighter than the mainline and is more so tailored to an urban environment.

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ROA, as expected, had a really great selection of footwear for this season, they really stuck to their guns with a ton of iterations of their ionic shoes and most notably a couple of knee-high climbing boots. What stood out the most was the amount of ready-to-wear that was on display within the showroom. It was considerably larger than any other season before and it seems that they are really pushing their apparel line for Autumn/Winter. The space also had a real edge to it, although it was located within Slam Jam it had its own room that was only accessible if you stepped outside and that gave it a greater sense of uniqueness.

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Located within the Slam Jam showroom was _J.L-A.L_, a brand that has also risen rapidly in popularity in recent times, due to its innovative garment development and the brand's unique style. Their fall collection was one of the strongest we saw whilst in Paris - it had a lot to offer including insulated jackets and boxy t-shirts that featured some beautiful earthy tones. Right on the PFW the brand also released its new HOKA collab. _J.L-A.L_ is definitely thriving and it's one to keep your eyes on.
The Snow Peak showroom space really matched their brand aesthetic with a mixture of outdoor and indoor space. Situated outside were a number of fireplaces, branded camping chairs, and tents where coffee and other refreshments were being served to visitors. The new collection was held inside the indoor space. The collection had a lot to offer from winter fleeces to a graphic tee and there were a ton of accessories for this season, which Snow Peak is renowned for.
Sharing the space with our previous pick, Houdini was situated in the other half of the room. The space was used greatly with artwork, posters, and lookbooks from the AW23 collection. The garments were just as great, featuring a large amount of outerwear and also a small number of accessories, with mostly waterproof fabrics that are essential in autumn and winter.

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J EONGL I is a South Korean designer who has recently exploded onto the scene. At 21, he is quickly making a name for himself and this collection really justified the hype for this young designer. What made the collection so unique was the use of functional fabrics and different cuts throughout the pieces such as the gilets and overshirts. A special shout-out goes to the Impossible Objects showroom for their hospitality in Paris.
The Early Majority collection for the new season was really technical and thoughtful. We really enjoyed viewing this one because of all the minor details and the thought process that had been put into each garment. The brand doesn't use any new materials for its garments, as everything is taken from recycled materials. The quality of everything was exceptional and the detailing even more so. We would also like to add we are big fans of the magnet badges and they add a really nice touch!
CÔTE&CIEL had a strong and fresh collection for the upcoming season. There were a variety of bags and accessories on display within the showroom and they were really impressive with the use of the space. The product was really at the pinnacle of quality and as always the bags were super technical. The use of fabrics in each design had a purpose but also provided a very clean aesthetic that could be used for both the city and within a more outdoor environment. New styles and colors for their legendary silhouettes are set to release in September later this year.

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Helly Hansen's archive collection adds something a little more to the mainline this time around, spicing their outerwear pieces on display for AW23 with fleeces and great accessories. The subtle branding and colorways created a host of really unique outdoor-ready pieces. The same colorways and patterns could be found within their accessories such as their bucket hats - these make for really nice stand-alone pieces.

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Satisfy's collection was just as impressive as their showroom/headquarters space. The brand really provided a great amount of variety in its new collection and there was something for everyone. From distressed and branded crewneck tees to lightweight running jackets and vests, the collection has really been thought about and it's really aligned with the direction Satisfy has been going in. We also had the chance to view some really exciting collaborations that the brand has been working on and we're really excited to share/cover those when we can in the near future.

Make sure to read our extensive interview with Brice Partouche [brand's founder] we got from last year and learn more about the brand, its background, and technical features, via the link below.
Italian brand GR10K operates as a phantom splinter group of Grassi Alfredo SPA, an Italian factory that has been producing labor uniforms for decades. They are most known for the way they create garments from repurposed fabrics. Their AW23 collection was really solid and the same goes for the space it was displayed in - everything was really on brand. They have stayed true to their roots and because of this it remained underground with a cult-like following and is definitely one to keep an eye on.
This is the first collection by Atlas Works & Days and it has really started off on the right foot. The amount of work that has been done in order to make this project come alive is really impressive and the collection is just as much so. There was a good variety of products on show for its first season. The thought process behind each garment is what we think makes it stand out, the materials are really articulated and thought about and when you're wearing them it's the perfect balance of comfortability and purpose.
Helen's footwear and accessories collection has stayed true to her signature style of blending different footwear together, but this time she has added different shapes and new colorways. Her first ready-to-wear sneakers were displayed brilliantly and the accessories, such as the inverted socks, really complimented the sneakers.
CG provided the perfect blend of the outdoors as well as comfortability for AW23. Their pieces were technical, but suited for any environment you come across day to day. Also to note, the collection had a great amount of fun layering pieces that allow wearers to experiment more with their style. This will be released under their new name 'Purple Mountain Observatory'.
For Autumn/Winter Griffin is providing a selection of mostly really heavy outerwear that is built for a purpose. Their down jackets come in a range of deconstructed colorways that really stand out compared to anything else we've seen before. Furthermore, they have also brought back their frayed denim pieces that featured in the Supreme collaboration they did last Summer.

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That wraps up our AW23 Paris Fashion Week! We hope that you enjoyed our breakdown of the brands we were lucky enough to view this season and we hope you're looking forward to the collection's official releases as much as we are. Until then, check out more articles and extensive interviews about those brands through our materials via the links below. Happy hunting!
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